5 Amazing Facts About Lanai Island In Hawaii

5 Amazing Facts About Lanai Island In Hawaii

Lanai Island In Hawaii

The Lanai Island in Hawaii is the most expensive island in the world, where the billionaire bought by not announced but estimated between 500 to $ 600 million.

Lanai Island is not a small cache covering the silver sand beaches and consists of a swing in front of a cottage. It is true that she is the microins between the Hawaiian Islands, but its area is 364 square kilometers and the length of its coastal line is almost 80 kilometers.

1- Location of Lanai island

5 Amazing Facts About Lanai Island In Hawaii

The island, Maui county, Hawaii, U.S. Situated across the Auau Channel from Maui island, it is formed by the extinct volcano Lanaihale. Lanai is separated from the island of Kahoolawe (southeast) by the Kealaikahiki Channel and from Molokai (north) by the Kalohi Channel. It is the largest privately owned island in the Hawaiian chain.

2- The area of the island

The sixth largest of the Hawaiian Islands, Lanai has an area of 140 square miles (363 square km).

3- The price of the island

The price of Larry is not detected, but the estimated value of all the territories reaches $ 635.4 million according to Associated Press.

4-The owner of the island

5 Amazing Facts About Lanai Island In Hawaii

Larry Ellison (Director of Oracle Corporation in Silicon Valley) is the owner of the island, Ellison got 98% of the island (where everything is almost the exception of some properties in the city of Lanai, where the population). Include spaces purchased by hotel «Four Seasons» luxury and two golf courses, great. But he also bought with planning problems for the future of the island, the task of contributing to the growth and shrinking fortunes of many of the wealthy.

5-The history Lanai Island in Hawaii

5 Amazing Facts About Lanai Island In Hawaii
5 Amazing Facts About Lanai Island In Hawaii
The senders were presented to Hawaii for the beginning of their inhabitants, but their children and grandchildren have made different goals. Henry Boldwen, a grandson, Lannai, bought an almost half a million dollars in 1917. In a move, one of the most important developments on the island, has repaired water supply and returned the island in 1922 to James Doyle at 2 am. About Doyle Lanai to a huge farm produced at one of 75% of the world’s pineapple.
In the 1980s, David Murdoch was bought Lanai after charged its agricultural work on bankruptcy. The transfer of agricultural activities to the least quantities at the east. Thus Lanja abandoned pineapple to turn into a tourist island. In which two luxury resort, one of the Holobui beach, which is one of the finest shores of this state. In this resort is named Manila Bay, married Bill Gates. The second resort is a mountain hotel located between the pine trees imposed by Doyle at the top of this island-like dome.
The island hotels Vanba Roquesland and Ritz-Carlton, which turned into “Four Seasons.” It has also put plans to build luxury homes for the wealthy who want to escape from the hustle of life.
Lanai is received annually 100 thousand visitors, and this is only a simple part of the 7.2 million people who mean the Hawaiian Islands every year.


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