5 Strong Factors That Accelerate Skin Aging Timeline

5 Main Factors That Accelerate Skin Aging Timeline

Some everyday factors are responsible for premature Skin Aging Timeline. Try avoid it as you can.

The following are the most prominent enemies accused of a major role in threatening skin youth and hastening the appearance of wrinkles.
5 Main Factors That Accelerate Skin Aging Timeline
Skin Aging Timeline

1-Pollution: is the primary responsibility

Urban residents are the first to be involved in this field, but this does not exclude suburban residents. Pollution remains the primary responsible for premature aging of the skin. Small polluting particles that are in the atmosphere cause great harm to the skin as they are responsible for its loss of vitality and can cause deep infections that damage the hydrolipidic coating of the skin. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the face morning and evening with a cleansing gel that is rinsed with water to reduce the impact of pollution on the skin.
Research shows that pollution accelerates the aging of the skin of women who live in cities by 10 percent more than those in villages, and that high levels of pollution lead to the destruction of keratin proteins, causing premature aging of the skin.

2-Smoking: a source of toxic substances

Smoking produces toxic substances that enter the blood and reduce the production of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for the elasticity of the skin. Smoking also reduces blood flow towards the skin and deprives it of oxygen, thus being responsible for the loss of vitality and the appearance of early lines and wrinkles.
One of the most famous tests that show the true results of smoking on the skin, the results of which were published by the “American Journal of Dermatology” in 2007. These tests were conducted on twins who were 52 years old at the time, one of them does not smoke and the other smokes a pack a day since age twenty. The test results revealed an increase in the size and depth of wrinkles in the smoking woman than in her non-smoking sister.Skin Aging Timeline.

3-Lack of sleep: increases wrinkles

The quality of sleep affects the condition of the skin. When it is of good quality, the skin appears bright and comfortable, but when it is of poor quality and insufficient duration, the skin appears lacking vitality and the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes increases.
A test conducted on 30 women photographed upon awakening in the morning after an 8-hour night and a 5-hour night. The results showed that after sleeping for a short time, wrinkles, spots and circles appear on the skin more than after sleeping for a long time. And premature wrinkles increase by 45 percent when not getting enough sleep.Skin Aging Timeline.

4-Sugar: Accelerates skin aging.

Long-term consumption of sugar accelerates the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the skin, but this does not mean that you should refrain from eating the natural sugar found in fruits. Especially since the latter is rich in vitamins that contribute to enhancing the mechanism of skin renewal.
A study published in the “British Journal of Dermatology” showed that sugar is responsible for releasing proteins in the body that negatively affect the elasticity of the skin and accelerate its aging. This is based on tests conducted on two groups of people, the first consumes a lot of sugar and the second eats little. The appearance of the skin of the second group was more youthful than the first group.Skin Aging Timeline.

5-Psychological stress: this hidden enemy of the skin

Stress causes blood to be directed to vital organs in the body in order to provide them with energy and oxygen. This leads to limiting its access to the skin, as it does not fall within the vital organs, thus it lacks nutrition and hydration, which reduces its vitality and delays its renewal mechanism.
Stress is usually associated with a group of repeated expressions on the face and is responsible for the appearance of expressive wrinkles. Tests indicate that the negative impact of stress also appears through increased sensitivity and dryness of the skin, in addition to exposing it to various skin problems, including eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea.Skin Aging Timeline.
5 Main Factors That Accelerate Skin Aging Timeline
Skin Aging Timeline


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