5 Steps To Preparing For Healthy Skin In Summer

Healthy Skin In Summer

Here are a set of important steps that you need to take, in order to protect your skin in the summer, to get glowing, healthy skin and a shiny body.

Every girl is now getting ready for beach trips, getting out in the fresh air and sun, basking in the sand, or swimming in the sparkling sea.
In order not to spoil your vacation, you have to think about how to take care of and prepare your skin “face and body” first for the summer season, to prevent the problems of weather changes, the scorching heat of the sun that may damage the skin, and other things.

Preparing Your Skin For Summer

Preparing Your Skin For Summer
Healthy Skin In Summer

1- Peeling

Regular exfoliation can be part of a healthy skin regimen regardless of the season. Exfoliation helps to get smooth and healthy skin that makes you look brighter and younger, but this must be done with caution, as the goal of peeling is to gently remove the outer layer of skin cells without causing sensitivity. the skin.
Natural exfoliants such as sugar, with coarse loofah, are among the best body scrubs, which also stimulate blood circulation for the body.
As for facial skin, scrubs like sugar can also be used, with light natural oils that protect the skin from dryness, as the facial skin is usually more sensitive, and it is possible to apply this 2 or 3 times a month

2- Fight UV rays with food

All the work you do to make your skin look good will not be worth it unless you protect it from the harmful rays of the sun, which are stronger during the summer.
Healthy Skin In Summer
Healthy Skin In Summer
In addition to using sunscreen that is absolutely indispensable, eating cooked tomatoes daily, especially at those times when you go out in the open air, helps you prevent problems caused by the harmful rays of the sun, as cooked tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which is an antioxidant Which helps combat the effects of ultraviolet rays such as redness, swelling and blistering from sunburn.

3- acne

It is preferable to prepare the skin suffering from facial pimples for the summer, especially since acne problems increase in hot weather more than in winter, and washing the face with products that contain salicylic acid may help you reduce the appearance of those annoying pimples, as it works to get rid of cells Dead skin, in addition to products that contain benzoyl peroxide, which in turn help reduce acne by penetrating the skin and killing the bacteria that cause acne. Preparing Your Skin For Summer

4- Reducing cellulite

One of the most distressing problems for girls in general is cellulite, which cannot be completely eliminated, but there are some products, such as those containing caffeine and theophylline, that can help reduce its appearance.
In addition, massaging and moisturizing with natural oils such as orange oil, in a regular way or periodically at least once to twice a week, especially after bathing, will help you a lot in reducing cellulite. Preparing Your Skin For Summer.

5- Reconsider your skin care products

There are some products that you have to reconsider and think about the possibility of continuing to use them in the summer or not, because the skin in the summer season has a greasy texture, unlike in the winter, due to the high temperatures, and for this you will probably give up the use of those products that contain heavy oils, so as not It causes an extra shine to your skin, or causes layers of fat to accumulate on the surface of the skin, and thus leads to the appearance of pimples and pimples, especially for products related to face washes and body moisturizers.Preparing Your Skin For Summer
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Preparing Your Skin For Summer
Preparing Your Skin For Summer


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