Arctic Peninsula Is Disappearing In The Francois Archipelago

Arctic Peninsula Is Disappearing

The staff of the Russian Arctic Reserve, who collaborated with a walrus study expedition, discovered that a peninsula had disappeared in the archipelago of François Joseph’s Land due to its melting.

This was reported by the reserve’s website. And it was stated on the site that the scientists toured around the island (Eve Leaf) of the archipelago on a boat called “Zodiac”. They were surprised by the appearance of a new sea strait 3 km wide in the middle of a peninsula that ends with Cape Mysitsev.
The director of the national reserve, Alexander Kirillov, said that the observations made by scientists enabled them to come to the conclusion that the cape was an iceberg. The part that remains of it is now bits of a wandering iceberg.
Arctic Peninsula Is Disappearing
This geographical discovery, according to the director of the reserve, requires attention on the part of the Russian Hydrographic Administration, which must make amendments to the map describing the seas in the Arctic region, knowing that the previous map was drawn in the middle of the last century.
According to Yevgeny Yermolov, Head of the Department of Preservation of the Russian Civilization-Historical Heritage, the beginning of the melting of the glacier dates back to 2017.

Arctic Peninsula Is Disappearing


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