Biden Threatens To Chaos If He Doesn’t Win Or If He Win 2020 !

Biden Threatens To Chaos

Biden Threatens To Chaos

Biden’s speech lapses countless, and he repeated the word split several times.

The messages are disturbing, and he considers it the only way.

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Biden Threatens To Chaos

The Democratic candidate for the US presidential elections, in his speech today, presented problems and did not offer solutions, contradictions, and is trading all issues in order to win votes only and not for America.
A speech made me worried about the future of America in light of the plots it faces to strike its stability and drown it with problems.

Biden Threatens To Chaos at home in USA if he doesn’t win

” There is only one way, we must win any way ” Joe Biden said .
An unfair transgression of democracy and a dictatorial style, which shows the character of a dictatorial personality that is hidden, in the manner of dictators who imagine that they are the only God, striking all the foundations of democracy openly, as it appears as a threat to chaos in America in case of loss.
Terror of the voter and his feeling that he is threatened, and playing on the strings of the East and West, without presenting any clear plan, not to mention repeating the word division many times, as if he is trying to root out a state of abnormal or violent division in the American street. He also continued to incite against whites and their images, as if any white person was a racist, and this is not the truth, as most of the activists against racism are white. As if he does not want America to go beyond this dark phase and look to the future of equality and justice. Rather, he is playing on sensitive strings to win some votes.

Biden Threatens To Chaos in the world if he wins

” I will confront dictatorial leaders and spread democracy” Joe Biden Said.
A violent warning to broadcast creative anarchy again in countries that do not like it, in the name of freedom, thus increasing devastation, destruction, displacement, civil wars, violence and killing of children.
And the world is still moaning until now from the legacy of Obama and Hillary Clinton, the Arab Spring that turned into hell that swept away peoples and destroyed countries that were safe. Thousands of children and innocent people were killed, millions were displaced, Yemen, Syria, Libya, and many others.

False slogans, no plans, no practical program are applicable, only priority caught judgment.

Biden Threatens To Chaos
Biden Threatens To Chaos

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