Bison Attacks Woman Sorely At South Dakota State Park

Bison Attacks Woman Sorely

Bison Attacks Woman

A woman was attacked by a bison as she was trying to take photos of a herd at Custer State Park in South Dakota.

The encounter was captured on video and shows a group of motorcycle riders stopped in a road as a large herd passes. A woman walks over to the grass and sits down to get a picture of a mother bison and her calf.
Another bison charges the woman and hooks its horn on her jeans, flinging her around in the air. She is thrown out of her pants and lands on the ground as people rush over to help.

Custer State Park officials could not immediately be reached Friday morning.
The park’s superintendent, Matt Snyder, told News Channel 1 that the victim, a 54-year-old woman from Iowa, was transported to a hospital via life-flight in unknown condition.
Park visitor Jo Reed, who filmed the video, said the incident happened Wednesday.
“The bison were everywhere we went, herds and herds of them,” she wrote in a Facebook post. “We came around a curve just behind a group of motorcyclists and there was a herd standing in the middle of the road, most noticeably a cow (female) and her calf which was nursing.”
Reed said stood out of the top of her Jeep to take photos and saw one woman get off her motorcycle and approach the herd. She wanted to share the video of the attack as a reminder of the dangers of confronting a wild animal.
Bison Attacks Woman Sorely
Bison Attacks Woman Sorely


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