The Global Economy In Danger “Bloomberg” Warns

The Global Economy In Danger “Bloomberg” Warns

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Bloomberg Economics metrics show the extent to which global supply shortages are driving up prices and jeopardizing economic recovery.

The new indicators developed by Bloomberg Economics confirm the severity of the supply chain crisis, the world’s failure to find a quick solution to it, and how the great crisis of 2021 is still getting worse in some regions of the world.
The Bloomberg Agency study identifies what is visible to the naked eye in most parts of the world, in stores with empty shelves, in ports, or in ports where ships are crowded near beaches or in car factories, where production stops due to a lack of chips, all of which are indications of the possibility of high prices Almost everything.
The study warns of the danger of inflation to the global economy, and the agency says that central banks, which have already retreated from their position that inflation is “temporary”, may have to face higher prices by raising interest rates earlier than expected, and this poses new threats to the already faltering recovery.
The agency points out that the problem is not just a crisis in transporting things or goods from one place to another, but that the world is still struggling to produce enough products.
According to Bloomberg, producers in the world were surprised by the economic recovery after they cut orders for materials last year, when consumers stopped spending.
As an example, she pointed out that Nike’s factories in Vietnam were forced to reduce production because migrant workers moved to their home provinces for fear of the Corona virus.
And China, the manufacturing power of the world, is facing the outbreak of new strains of the Corona virus and is facing that with closings, which leads to a rise in the prices of products in factories by 10% annually, the fastest increase since the nineties of the last century.
Bloomberg The Global Economy In Danger
The Global Economy In Danger “Bloomberg” Warns


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