Bts Army Melisa Commits Suicide With Her Father’s Gun

Melisa Commits Suicide With Her Father's Gun

A new tragedy breaks hearts, the suicide of Bts Army Melisa, a BTS fan, with her father’s gun that has been pushing her for some time to commit suicide.

Who Is Melisa ?

Melisa was a 15-year-old girl, born in Turkey .And she is a big fan for BTS .
She had been under heavy pressure from her father for a long time.
“I’m not violent, I’m just a spoiled child, so my parents are upset that they are right. They are fine, but I am not enough to live and do something, I don’t like it, it’s tiring.” Melisa on her twitter account.

Melisa Message To Yoongi

She was like BTS so much , so she try to contact with Yoongi to ask for help
“If I don’t calm down I’ll have a heart attack or something, my heart is beating so fast, Yoongi.”

Bts Army Melisa Commits Suicide

What happened to Bts army Melisa ?

Events increased with each passing day. Melisa could not stand it anymore. Her father even bought a rope to commit suicide. Melisa shared her troubles on Twitter by quoting her favorite group, but no one paid attention. Melisa Kılıç committed suicide with her father’s beylik gun on the night of September 4th to September 5th.
” I pulled the trigger.” the last tweet for her .

People demand that Melisa’s tweets be examined and her father punished in accordance with article 84 of the Turkish Penal Code.
(1) Any person who instigates or encourages another person to commit suicide, strengthens the suicide decision of another person or helps someone else’s suicide in any way, is punished with imprisonment from two to five years.

Hand in hand for melisa sign the petition 

Bts Army Melisa Commits Suicide With Her Father's Gun
Bts Army Melisa Commits Suicide


46 thoughts on “Bts Army Melisa Commits Suicide With Her Father’s Gun”

    1. Whatever situation u are in just don’t end ur life as like that coz remember it is also one of the challenge life gives

    2. Hey Neelam. If you are having a bad day and feel sad lonely or depressed, just stand infront of your mirror. Try to smile.That beautiful smile shouldn’t fade away. Smile more. The world out there is very beautiful. I hope you get stronger than ever. Have great lyf dear❤️

  1. Your idols should serve as an inspiration to youm BTS keep on reminding us to love ourselves through their songs and fans should realize that. Most of all, if you feel depressed, pray and seek God.

      1. She not just a “BTS fan” or and “Army” she has her own identity for fucks sake. That’s disrespectful to her. If you’re in this kind of situation please seek physical help. Sorry to say this but a teen’s words on twitter don’t hold that much weightage. People can’t determine the credibility of such posts. They are bound to be ignored. Please love yourself and seek help at right time and the right place if something bad is happening in your life.

  2. I dont know why she is being refered as a BTS fan, if she was a BTS fan she wouldn’t have taken this big step, everyone goes through something, did she think she is the only one like that, why is BTS being included, also, i know it must have been so hard, but like seriously…but still , May her Soul rest in Peace now..?

    1. I hope the father is getting punished but why include that she was a BTS fan? It has nothing to do with her suicide and life.

      1. People got to know about her situation through her comments under BTS’s twitter and in Turkey there are some jerks that making fun of her because she was a stupid teenager for liking BTS. They were very few but people noticed them so people started to talk about “being a fan” thing more. It has something to do with BTS, BTS is not a sin and people shouldn’t judge others for their tastes. Like literally some people thinks it’s right to kill yourself for liking some music group

    2. Hold on. Despite the fact of “everyone go through something” yeah but that has nothing to do with she isn’t suffering. She clearly was in a state that was difficult for her and honestly if you seen her twitters account you couldn’t tell she was suffering she seemed like a sweet happy girl. She’s very strong. And they added her as a bts fan because that was clearly how she wanted to be recognized.

    3. Did your father tell you to kill yourself and even gave you ropes for that? Probably not, but her’s did. And she’s 15, she is not that mature. Someone is dead and the only thing you care is everyone goes through something and she was selfish for thinking like that, be carefull about your choice of words. Seriously. AND YOU EVEN SAID SHE IS NOT A FAN LOL SERIOUSLY NOT EVERY ARMY LIVES UNDER A RAINBOW. She refered as an army because people get to know about her situation through her comments under BTS’s twitter.

    4. That’s the first thing I said what does being BTS fan have to do with committing suicide……This is just another attempt to call army crazy teenage girls…I feel for the young lady that took her life but a true BTS fan would’ve seen all that BTS went through and all their commitment to us and their message for us to love ourselves and that person would’ve rethink the decision…there’s help all over the place suicide was too extreme……ppl go through worst everyday and I’m not downplaying her problems because all struggles whether big or small is still struggle….and I’m disappointed in the person that write this article they should be ashamed of themselves……

      1. They use BTS simply as an excuse…so their website gets more visitors. They know full well that it has nothing to do with BTS

    5. You’re wrong. Yes she was a BTS fan, and she DID take this big step.

      But none of this has anything to do with BTS. I’m sure she liked pizza too. Should all pizzerias be blamed? She probably liked clothes. Should all fashion designers be blamed?

      Come on people…think.

    6. She isn’t dragging BTS into she was asking for help and if you think she was dragging bts with her, then whoever you are and call yourself ARMY, FOR GODS SAKE YOU WERE NEVER ARMY. IF YOU WERE ONE, YOU WOULD LOOK INTO HER PROBLEMS NOT THAT SHE DRAGGED BTS AND TALKING SHIT ABOUT IT. DON’T SPREAD SHITS AROUND IN ANYONE’S COMMENTS.

  3. May her soul rest in peace ?
    Her father must be punishes, I mean like… Srsly, what kind of a father is he? Encouraging his daughter to suicide? Srsly, I don’t have words at all. But, despite these factors, why are they including BTS man? ?
    BTS has nothing to do with this if I’m not wrong ?
    Melisa didn’t have motivation at all… May God provide her peace. ?

      1. You need to think more and not believe everything you see on paper.

        This has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with BTS whether she was ARMY or not

  4. I really hope she is in a better place. However why is BTS mentioned over and over again. It shines a bad light when BTS has saved so many lives including my own. Still, my heart hurts for her and i hope whoever us responsible is punished

    1. They saved the lives of a lot of people but now i can’T believed that she commited suicide even after being an army.Rest In Peace.

      1. She had some very sad circumstances and a deranged father. But just bc she is Army…well that’s NOT going to just magically save her.

        Because she’s also an individual outside of being a BTS fan. With her own problems.

        I repeat…this has nothing to do with BTS

  5. R.I.P to lovely melisa I can’t say anything after seeing this i think she like to recognize my BTS fan that why it is mentioned here … I think She committed suicide because of her father and she can’t be happy this world more !!! She is happily living her live in other world … she is seeing us form other world so , (please guys stop that why BTS fan is mentioned ) she like this name to call her … BTS fan**we purple you Melissa and you always recognise by BTS fan name forever I you want be happy where you are now………byeeee

  6. People got to know about her situation through her comments under BTS’s twitter and in Turkey there are some jerks that making fun of her because she was a stupid teenager for liking BTS. They were very few but people noticed them so people started to talk about “being a fan” thing more. It has something to do with BTS, BTS is not a sin and people shouldn’t judge others for their tastes. Like literally some people thinks it’s right to kill yourself for liking some music group. And stop spreading rumors, her father is (as you can understand) probably a pschopath so liking BTS is not his reason for telling her to kill herself. People spreading this rumor because they probably get the wrong idea from the websites because commiting suicide has nothing to do with BTS but magazines used BTS’s name more than necessary and people thought it would be the reason. And about his father, crazy people doesn’t need any reasons for that. What kind of reason that you guys want to make it seem reasonable? NOBODY CAN HAVE A REASON FOR MAKING THEIR CHILDS KILL THEMSELVES. But yeah magazines made it seem like it’s more about BTS than their family situations.

    1. Exactly right. Her father is a deranged nutcase. This has nothing to do with BTS and anyone who believes that is stupid. Websites use BTS as a reason so that more people will visit their site

  7. Being a fan of group, not necessary, fans have thier own personal life, problems, you need to fight with your own, please stop saying yoongi fan, her father should be punish , most important there many fans die by suicide you can’t blame to innocent artist who were they fan,

  8. She was just a teenage girl with her personal problems(every person is going through some or the other thing) She was an Army too but this has nothing to do with BTS. I mean come on man, don’t blame BTS for her. We all know BTS has stopped reading our comments since so long, how could you just expect BTS will come all over and help u out. If she was a true BTS fan, she would have realised that nothing is big enough to make u commit a suicide!! But she didn’t. Just 15 yrs old and she commitee suicide. Please whosoever wrote this article just for god sake stop mentioning BTS for your views and profile visits!

  9. I am an army from UAE. I love BTS. And Melisa may Allah bless u and rest u in peace.
    I’m really sad about listening this news. But I love bts like something but why people think tht bts is the cause of her suicide no this is not true I don’t know which crazy person said tht but I’m really sad for her how can be a there a father exist like his dad.
    He should be punished here and in hereafter how can a father encourage her daughter for committing a suicide.
    I love u BTS
    I will not let anything happen to BTS
    I love turkey

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