“Cannabis Tickets” BVG Tempts Passengers At Christmas For 10$

"Cannabis Tickets" BVG Tempts Passengers At Christmas

Cannabis Tickets

BVG, which runs public transport in the German capital Berlin, has released the edible “cannabis tickets, which” says as a joke that may help to ease travel pressures on birthdays.

( Germany )- The deceptive promotional carriers, and this campaign uses reports from the new German coalition that Germany may become the first European country and allow it to sell for recreational purposes.
“Of course, the happiness shines in the eyes with the reception of all this,” adding that the message they send through the ticket “in the Christmas period of pressure, used bus or subway.”
The company says its ticket is made of fit paper to eat cannabis oil, extracted from the seeds of cannabis “and is believed to have a soothing effect, and does not contain banned substances.
Hemp oil does not contain tickets on Cannabidiol or Ttraherdrocapenol, an anesthetic chemical compound.
Tickets are exposed for a week worth 8.80 euros ($ 9.94) for one, and for use for 24 hours.
“We clearly say completely if anyone wants to use the ticket as an actual (ride), please just chew or eat after the trip because a piece of them will make it invalid.”

"Cannabis Tickets" BVG Tempts Passengers At Christmas


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