Cardi B Peacock Tattoo 2020 Is So Amazing Piece

Cardi B Peacock Tattoo

Hip-hop singer Cardi B Peacock Tattoo. She has published photos and videos of her new tattoo, which has been admired by millions of followers around the world.

The new tattoo is a Peafowl that extends on her right thigh.

Taking to Instagram, Cardi B uploaded a side-by-side of her signature tattoo’s before-and-after, showing the work of her makeover.
The “I Like It” rapstress gave her fans a close-up of her new tattoo, showing off brighter and bolder colours with new detailing.

Cardi B Peacock Tattoo

Cardi B captioned the photo “So after ten years I gave my peacock tattoo a makeover.This whole week I been takin hours of pain getting tatted. Thank you”
On Instagram, tattoo artist Schene praised the Cardi B in the comment section, commending her ‘strength and determination’ during seven days of her getting tattooed.
Cardi B New Tattoo
Cardi B Peacock Tattoo
In the video, Cardi said ‘Did you guys know that this part of the body, the stomach, hip part, it hurts the most like it literally takes your breath away,’
She added that she was ‘taking pain like a motherf***er’ during the painful sessions.
Cardi B Peacock Tattoo
Cardi B Peacock Tattoo
Many fans were shocked by Cardi B’s new tattoo. One fan wrote “Beautiful before and after, but that after tho, wow!!! “.
Another Instagram user wrote “This looks so damn detailed n beautiful Cardi”. See other fans comments below.

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