Cindy Kimberly Zodiac, Ethnicity, Relationship And Surgery

Cindy Kimberly ( Wolfie Cindy )
Birthday November 16, 1998
BirthplaceAmsterdam, Netherlands
Birth ZodiacScorpio
Height 1.7 m
Relationshipmodel Neels Visser

Cindy Kimberly is an international model and Influencer who became famous after being referred to by Justin Bieber.

Cindy Kimberly is now one of the top models and a social media star. She got noticed because of her very cosmopolitan look which reaches out to a wide range of audience and fans. Her very strong presence and character come through her social media posts and photos. It does help that she has a great understanding of photography and plays with the lighting, background, and location of her photos.

Cindy Kimberly Bio, Birth Chart, Ethnicity And Surgrey

Booking Yeezy as her first ever modeling job opened Cindy up to other incredible opportunities and she has since worked for YSL, Pull & Bear, By Kilian & Maybeline to name a few.

Cindy Kimberly Birth Chart

She was born November 16,1998 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. And lives in Spain with a decent from Indonesia and Spain. Her multicultural upbringing introduced her to speak different languages, including English, Spanish and Indonesian.

Cindy kimberly Ethnicity

Cindy Kimberly Bio, Birth Chart, Ethnicity And Surgrey

She originates from a family of mixed heritage. The girl’s dad has Spanish roots, and her mum originates from Indonesia. She is white Spanish Asian.

Wolfie Cindy Early life

Born in Amsterdam, the future Instagram star was raised and grew up in Costa Blanca (Spain). In Spain, she attended a local college and studied Arts. Here she learned Spanish, English and other languages. Here she found a part-time job of a babysitter while still being a student.
While babysitting in Spain, the Dutch girl dreamed of something bigger. She created an Instagram account and began to post her photos.

How did Wolfiecindy get famous?

She became an overnight celebrity in 2015 while employed as a babysitter. In 2016, she began to model.
Instagram sensation who gained fame after Justin Bieber posted a photo of her on his feed and asked “Omg who is this!!!” She went on to become a model, appearing on the cover of GQ Spain in 2018.
23 years old Wolfie Cindy Instagram followers shot to 6.6 million this year 2021 as she became famous on Justin Bieber’s “Omg who is she!!” Instagram post.

Cindy Kimberly Bio, Birth Chart, Ethnicity And Surgrey

She and Yasmim Senna both became social media stars thanks in part to a connection with Justin Bieber.
Her dazzling beauty is not just for selfies, but for kids she happened to look after. Long before, she was earning $4 an hour of babysitting before being a social media model. She worked as a part time babysitter while attending school in Benidorm, Spain.
If she has not become a social model, I think she would have built a babysitting company because her beauty can draw many kids as followers flock his social media account.

Cindy Kimberly Relationship

Cindy Kimberly Bio, Birth Chart, Ethnicity And Surgrey

Even though it was Justin Bieber who made this girl famous all over the planet, he is not her boyfriend. It is believed that Cindy Kimberly boyfriend is a rising DJ and model by the name of Neels Visser.
She has had a long-term relationship with model Neels Visser. 

Cindy Kimberly surgery

Some people who look at the awesome photos of the Dutch Instagram star before and after her fame think that Cindy Kimberly nose and lips have gone through changes. It has not been officially confirmed, but there are rumours about her undergoing plastic surgeries.
The girl’s nose also poses questions among some people. However, it has not been confirmed that she added changes to its form and made it a bit thinner and more pointed at the tip.

Cindy Kimberly

Cindy Kimberly Net Worth

This gem of a person and a true modeling star imploded on the internet when her pouty sexy photo was spotted by the then-popular teen pop sensation Justin Bieber. His caption on her photo made her an overnight sensation, turned a lowly paid baby-sitter into a star model, now admired by millions. Her net worth has jumped to more than US$ 600,000 in 2019.

Cindy Kimberly Bio, Birth Chart, Ethnicity And Surgrey


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