Corona Virus

Corona Virus 2020 Between The Death , Laughter And Racist

Corona virus Between The Death Of Thousands And Laughter Of Millions

For me, the issue is similar, as if in some parts of the world some people starve to death, and in other undamaged areas people organize jokes about food!
While more than 3,000 people have died, and tens of thousands are infected with the deadly Corona virus, there are still many who deal with the situation with jokes , while others deal with comedy, do you think the situation really deserves it from humanity, when thousands live in panic around the world.
When the virus start to take lives in China, the world shook its victims, maybe because they are Chinese! , are they not humans? Today the virus is sweeping the world, and still the same funny way about it , in the time when much families destroyed , and much kids , men and women dead any day .
I thought a little about the reaction of the humanity throughout different countries, and it stopped me a little, I felt that the world did not care about China.
And I asked myself if the beginning of this virus was in the United States or Europe, would the reaction be like this? Of course no, we would have found candles around the world in solidarity with the victims, and sadness here and there.
Thousands any day they make funny and jokes on twitter and all social media , without any feeling , so less people think to tell RIP or something like this to victims.
And some have used the virus as a material for designing, or using a mask, which is considered the thinnest and pain for thousands, in the affected countries , as a fashion style.

corona bag

Everyone also saw President Trump’s statements,  who might consider the virus the victory of heaven for him, against China in his trade war with them, where is humanity?.
when will thousands of tweets full of laughter and comedy about the virus stop?.
when will racist against asian people stop?
Isn’t it better for the world and people to stand together until this ordeal ends?
Share your views, how do you see the world taking up the situation , amid thousands of deaths and millions laughing.

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