Cryptocurrency And Real Estate Are The Best Investments In 2021


Cryptocurrency And Real Estate

The most profitable investments in 2021 were in Cryptocurrency and new real estate, so what about 2022? Where should we invest and what changes can be expected in the markets?.

And the Russian newspaper “Izvestia” quoted international experts that the current year 2021 was good for those who invested in digital currencies, new real estate and the US stock market.
This was confirmed by economist Vladimir Rozankovsky, during his interview with Radio “Sputnik”, and this came despite the fluctuations in the markets due to the Corona pandemic and its repercussions.
For example, the American “Standard & Poor’s 500” index rose by about 28% in 2021, and from other global markets, the French “CAC 40” index rose by about 27%, and the Moscow Stock Exchange index of ruble-denominated shares, MICEX, rose by 13.8%.
But the expert expected that the American markets in 2022 would witness a slowdown due to the US President Joe Biden’s tax initiative, as the total taxes that Americans will pay on investments will double from the year 2022.
While the “Bitcoin” currency was considered one of the best assets to invest in 2021, as the value of the most famous Cryptocurrency rose by about 75%, while oil futures contracts rose by more than 50%.
Cryptocurrency And Real Estate Are The Best Investments In 2021
Bitcoin change in 2021 – until December 28, 2021- Cryptocurrency And Real Estate Are The Best Investments In 2021
The economist also talked about the next year 2022, and pointed out that it is difficult to expect the profitability of some investments, and said that the strategy that depends on buying and selling shares and making profits will not succeed anymore.
But a report by “Bloomberg” agency indicated that emerging market assets would rise during 2022, and according to the report, which was based on the expectations of large banks such as “Goldman Sachs” and “Morgan Stanley”, it expected a rise in Chinese stocks and the realization of bonds in a local currency in countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. (Hungary) gains.
Investment banks believe that signs of recovery in emerging markets have begun with central banks raising interest rates to combat inflation.
Experts also expected the dollar to rise in 2022 with the Federal Reserve raising the interest rate, and experts ruled out that gold would achieve gains next year 2022, expecting a decline in the price of the precious metal.
Among the factors that will affect markets and stock exchanges in 2022, experts talked about inflation, interest rates and the emerging Corona virus.Cryptocurrency.


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