Controversial Angela Vandusen Lost Her TikTok Account

"Daddy's Girls" leader Angela Vandusen

TikTok removes “Daddy’s Girls” leader Angela Vandusen ‘s account cause of accusations of BDSM.

A petition was circulating to remove this Michigan woman from TikTok for allegedly scamming women out of money and more.
Angela Vandusen (27 years old) lives in near waterford, Michigan.
The target of this petition was a woman that goes by @AngelaTheeG0ddess on TikTok. Angela is the self-proclaimed leader of Daddysgirls, which people are saying is a cult that targets gay BBW women. Over the last few months accusations have surfaced alleging that Angela has not only scammed many women out of money but has also forced them to cut themselves and pull their own hair for punishment or to prove loyalty.

"Daddy's Girls" leader Angela Vandusen

So Tik Tok has already removed her account, but she created a new account and started posting new videos.

Angela Vandusen New TikTok Account

Angela insisted on completing her way on the TikTok platform with a new account @angelanaturalgenius, and she is not interested in what was published about her in the Rolling Stone magazine report.
From our side, after reviewing some Angela’s videos, there was nothing contrary to it, it seems very normal, I don’t like to judge her or defense for her , but it seems that what was raised about this girl seems like empty nonsense, unless proven otherwise with real evidence and accusations. Maybe truth come soon.

"Daddy's Girls" leader Angela Vandusen

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