Denzel Washington Celebrates His 66th Birthday , Political Views And Facts You Know For The First Time

Denzel Washington Celebrates His 66th Birthday

Denzel Washington Celebrates His 66th Birthday

On his 66th birthday, we offer you everything you need to know about Denzel Washington, who has radiant inner strength and profound influence.

Denzel Washington is the embodiment of the genius of what he calls acting, an outstanding character and a renewed myth, today celebrating his 66th birthday.
Washington has acted in 57 movies, 10 TV shows, and 9 theaters .
He won 63 awards, and was nominated for hundreds.
Washington was born on the 28th of December 1954 in Mount Vernon , New York, as a gift from God for his acting careers in the world, with his humanity and his lightness.

A turning point in the life of Washington

When he was 14, his parents divorced and his mother sent him to the private preparatory school Oakland Military Academy in New Windsor, New York. Washington later said:
“That decision changed my life, because I wouldn’t have survived in the direction I was going. The guys I was hanging out with at the time, my running buddies, have now done maybe 40 years combined in the penitentiary. They were nice guys, but the streets got them.”
“I’ve felt the hand of God on my life, no doubt about it. I remember sitting in my mother’s beauty parlor in Mount Vernon, N.Y., on March 27, 1975, and in the mirror I kept seeing this woman looking at me.” Washington was then 20, a student at Fordham University in the Bronx. “I was doing so bad in school, and this woman said, ‘Somebody give me a piece of stationery! I’m having a prophecy!’ I still have that piece of paper. ‘You’re going to speak to millions of people,’ she said to me. ‘You’re going to do great things!’ And I thought, ‘Yeah, right. When’s that going to start? On Monday? I’m flunking out of school.’
“Later on, I asked my mother, ‘Who was that woman?’ She said, ‘It’s Ruth Green, one of the elder sisters in the church, who’s been known to have the gift of prophecy.’” He paused, then added, “That fall I started acting.” Denzel said.
After Oakland, he attended Mainland High School in Daytona Beach, Florida from 1970 to 1971.

How did Denzel Washington start acting ?

Denzel Washington Celebrates His 66th Birthday
Denzel Washington Celebrates His 66th Birthday
He earned a BA in Drama and Journalism from Fordham University in 1977. At Fordham, he played collegiate basketball as a guard under coach P.J. Carlesimo.
After a period of indecision on which major to study and taking a semester off, Washington worked as creative arts director of the overnight summer camp at Camp Sloane YMCA in Lakeville, Connecticut. He participated in a staff talent show for the campers and a colleague suggested he try acting.
Washington enrolled at the Lincoln Center campus to study acting, where he was given the title roles in Eugene O’Neill’s The Emperor Jones and Shakespeare’s Othello. He then attended graduate school at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, California, where he stayed for one year before returning to New York to begin a professional acting career.

Denzel Washington Family And Personal Life

Denzel Washington Celebrates His 66th Birthday

On June 25, 1983, Washington married Pauletta Pearson, whom he met on the set of his first screen work, the television film Wilma. They have four children: John David (born July 28, 1984), also an actor and a former football player, Katia (born November 27, 1986) who graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts in 2010, and twins Olivia and Malcolm (born April 10, 1991). Malcolm graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in film studies, and Olivia played a role in Lee Daniels’s film The Butler. In 1995, Washington and his wife renewed their wedding vows in South Africa with Desmond Tutu officiating. As of 2008, they lived in an apartment at 15 Central Park West in New York City.
Washington is a devout Christian, and has considered becoming a preacher. He stated in 1999, “A part of me still says, ‘Maybe, Denzel, you’re supposed to preach. Maybe you’re still compromising.’ I’ve had an opportunity to play great men and, through their words, to preach. I take what talent I’ve been given seriously, and I want to use it for good.” In 1995, he donated US$2.5 million to help build the new West Angeles Church of God in Christ facility in Los Angeles. Washington says he reads the Bible daily.

Denzel Washington Net Worth 2020

$250 Million

Denzel Washington political views

Washington hasn’t spoken too much about his political views. Given his religiosity, one might assume he’s rather conservative regarding social issues, but that’s just conjecture.

Is Denzel Washington a Republican ?

Washington has always supported Democratic candidates but won’t sink to the level of bashing Republicans.
Washington was a staunch Obama supporter during the 2008 presidential campaign.
Washington gave $30,800 to the Obama campaign that year, and defended the president after 2010’s mid-term elections ushered in a Republican Congress, saying: “I don’t think it’s just directed at Obama, I think people are frustrated. You’ve got to blame somebody, and he’s the boss – he’s got the big target on his head. I think there’s a desire for checks and balances, so now there’s a Republican party in Congress, and a Democratic party in the Senate, and a Democratic president, I think it now forces them all to work together.”
Washington said in a TV interview that he supports the ” black lives matter ” movement’s right to demonstrate, and their legitimate demands.


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