Do Tagged Streamers Get Paid ? Here Is The Perfect Answer And How To Start

Do Tagged Streamers Get Paid ?

Do Tagged Streamers Get Paid ?

Many ask Do Tagged Streamers Get Paid ?. In this article, we explain to you everything related to Tagged Live Stream, how to start, and how to make profits.

Tagged app is belong to meet group family owned by if(we) . if(we) is a social and mobile technology company based in San Francisco, California. and owned by The Meet Group. It was originally known as Tagged Inc. and owns and operates social networks and and animated iOS messaging app Nod.
Tagged is a social discovery website and app based in San Francisco, California, founded in 2004. It allows members to browse the profiles of any other members, and share tags and virtual gifts.
Tagged claims it has 300 million members as of 2014. As of September 2011, Quantcast estimates Tagged monthly unique users at 5.9 million in the United States, and 18.6 million globally. Michael Arrington wrote in April 2011 that Tagged is most notable for the ability to grow profitably during the era of Facebook.

What you can do on Tagged website ?

After registering a free account, Tagged users can customize their profile page, to which they can post a biography about themselves and their interests, post status updates, upload photos, and send and receive messages and any user can do live stream and earn money.
The site also provides the interesting Pets game, where users buy each other through a virtual currency, which is a game for entertainment and does not make profits.
There is also an option to upgrade the membership for a monthly fee, which allows users to see which other users have recently viewed their profile, among other additional features. They can also sort videos by most viewed, top rated, and most liked, and send virtual gifts to their friends. Virtual gifts are bought with “gold” which users buy with actual money or receive by completing special offers or tasks.
There are chat rooms where users engage in real time online chat according to their age and mood. Designed to facilitate relationships and dating, Tagged allows users to send and receive notifications for “Luv”, “Winks”, and “Meet Me”, a rating engine that allows users to rate the attractiveness of photos submitted by others. On October 30, 2009, Tagged announced a simpler signup process.

Do Tagged Streamers Get Paid ?

So. Do Tagged Streamers Get Paid ?. According to Eros, one of the streamers on the platform, the Tagged platform is his favorite after trying many other platforms, the site is characterized by the quality of the presentation and ease of use, and the payments are made smoothly and quickly, as the money is received through PayPal, within 3 days In addition, there is fast support in case of any problem.
Streamers on Tagged can get profits when they complete the minimum target of 80,000 diamonds, then you can cash out $200 via PayPal.
In the picture below, Ayesha got an Ice Dragon gift, which is the highest gift available, and represents the minimum cashout amount of $200, which means if one of your fans sends an Ice Dragon to you, you can complete the cashout process for $200 immediately.
Do Tagged Streamers Get Paid ?
Ayesha got icedragon – Do Tagged Streamers Get Paid ?
There are also many different gifts at different prices.
Do Tagged Streamers Get Paid ?
Do Tagged Streamers Get Paid ?

How you can start your live stream on Tagged ?

Tagged is one of the best applications in the world in this field, where anyone can easily make a live broadcast and start profiting. All you have to do is register on the site or the app for free, then start exploring the application and complete your profile, then go to the menu, click on Live, and then choose do Live.Watch the video below.
Note : the live streaming is available just on the application ,and not work from the desktop website.
Now you can go out and show yourself to the world and your skills to the world and win money with ease, you just have to be patient in the beginning, make friends and build fans.
Do Tagged Streamers Get Paid ?
Do Tagged Streamers Get Paid ?

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