Don Lewis Ghost Haunts Carol Baskin In DWTS -Back From 1997

Don Lewis Ghost Haunts Carol Baskin In DWTS

Don Lewis Ghost Haunts Carol Baskin In DWTS

Carole Baskin is accused of being involved in her husband’s disappearance, allegations by the family of husband Don Lewis.

The spot features Don’s three daughters explaining how much they love and miss him and why they need to know what happened to him.
Don’s former assistant says his loved ones are just asking for justice, and the family lawyer says they deserve answers and asks the public if Carole was involved.

The disappearance of millionaire Don Lewis

Carole Baskin’s former husband, millionaire Don Lewis, was reported missing on August 19, 1997. He and Carole were married and living in Tampa, Florida.
Carroll has repeatedly denied having anything to do with the disappearance of Don Lewis, and Hillsborough County Mayor Chad Kronester said she is neither a suspect nor an accused in the case.
Don Lewis was married to Gladys Lewis when he first met Carole in 1981. Gladys and Don raised a family [pictured]. Their daughters say they had a happy childhood and that their father had a passion for animals. “We had a variety of animals,” Gale Rathbone, Don’s youngest daughter, told “48 Hours Suspicion.” “We would come home from school, and there’d be a baby alligator swimming in the bathtub.”
But not everything was perfect in the Lewis household. Don’s first wife Gladys says her husband had multiple affairs – including a nearly 10-year affair with Carole. In 1990, nearly 10 years after Don and Carole first met, Gladys and Don divorced.
A year later, in 1991, Don married Carole and they eventually founded Wildlife on Easy Street, an animal sanctuary where they raised tigers and other exotic animals.
But Don and Carole Lewis ended up having a troubled marriage, too. They disagreed over what to do with their animals. While Don wanted to breed and sell, Carole was against that and wanted to focus on rescuing.
In the summer of 1997, Carole Lewis reported Don missing. The only trace of him was his van, which was found at a remote airport about half an hour from where the couple lived. Don’s keys were reportedly still in the vehicle.
Don Lewis Ghost Haunts Carol Baskin In DWTS
Don Lewis Ghost Haunts Carol Baskin In DWTS

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