Donda Reunited Kanye West And Jay Z 2021

Donda Reunited Kanye West And Jay Z

Donda Reunited Kanye West And Jay Z

Jay Z has reunited on Kanye West’s latest album, Dond-a.

Kanye West debuted his highly-anticipated album DOND A to a sold-out stadium in Atlanta tonight, and he closed it out with one of the biggest surprises: a new collaboration with JAY-Z.
The album, live-streamed on Thursday night from a listening event in Atlanta, closes with the Jay-Z feature. “I’ll be honest, we all liars,” West warns on the pre-chorus, before Jay-Z reveals, “This might be the return of the throne.” The pair, who have been feuding for a while now, appear to have made amends — maybe even as late as today, as Young Guru revealed on Twitter.
HOV did the verse today!!!! At 4pm,” he tweeted, and Jay was likely not the only last-minute addition to the project. This is just the latest in a series of Dond a-related surprises, which also included Lil Durk stating and then retracting that he missed his chance to feature on the album. Listen to The Throne reunion below.
Donda Reunited Kanye West And Jay Z


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