7 Great Tips About Blackheads On Nose And Ear

Facts About Blackheads On Nose And Ear

There is no doubt that the problem of blackheads on nose or eae is boring and stubborn, and it is not welcome at all, so we provide you with some important information and advice to avoid and remove it if it appears.

In this article, we will explain all the details in a simple way, so that you are familiar with the thing you are dealing with in order to be able to defeat it.

1- How do blackheads come form ?

Facts About Blackheads On Nose And Ear

Simply, blackheads occur as a result of the accumulation of fat from the skin inside the pores of hair follicles, in addition to dust and others, which are to some extent similar to acne.
They appear more often on the face especially above the nose, and they can also form elsewhere on the body.

2- How to prevent blackheads ?

It is known that prevention is better than cure, so here are some tips to avoid it:
  • Maintain the youthfulness of the skin and take care of the skin.
  • Use face washes that do not contain a lot of grease.
  • Not to increase the use of chemical compounds on the face.
  • Use proper and healthy hair removal methods.
  • Drinking water.
  • Use clean laundry

3- How to remove blackheads?

Tackling blackheads can be very painful. The first of firsts for getting rid of blackheads is moisturising the skin with the right cream or moisturiser. A salicylic acid is a great option for dissolving blackheads away and it can be found in over-the-counter products available in the market. Retinoid skin creams are also a useful way to get rid of blackheads. Drinking a lot of water can help in hydrating the skin surface by keeping the potent oil blocks away.
There are many ways to get rid of it, and we advise you to choose the appropriate methods, to prevent its recurrence or exacerbation, we mention a set of simple ways:

1- Manual removal

Dermatologists or specially trained skin care professionals use a special instrument called a round loop extractor to remove the plug causing the blackhead. After a small opening is made in the plug, the doctor applies pressure with the extractor to remove the clog.

2- Microdermabrasion

The doctor or skin care professional uses a special instrument that contains a rough surface to sand the top layers of your skin. Sanding the skin removes clogs that cause blackheads.

3- Chemical peels

Chemical peels also remove clogs and get rid of the dead skins cells that contribute to blackheads. During a peel, a strong chemical solution is applied to the skin. Over time, the top layers of the skin peel off, revealing smoother skin underneath.

4- Laser and light therapy

Laser and light therapies use tiny beams of intense light to decrease oil production or kill bacteria. Both lasers and light beams reach below the surface of the skin to treat blackheads and acne without damaging the top layers of the skin.Blackheads On Nose And Ear .

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Facts About Blackheads On Nose And Ear


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