Hartford Fire In International Women’s day, Firefighters Rescued 41 People , Amazing Woman In The Team

Hartford Fire

Woman In The Team, Firefighters Rescued 41 People From Death In Hartford Fire

With sharing from a woman in the team , in Woman international day

A major fire in the city of Hatford , Dozens were rescued by rescue and fire brigades, the female component was present and remained in the rescue operations, and this coincides with the International Day of Women, where a woman was seen performing her role with distinction.
To prove a woman, she is able everywhere and in all circumstances to be the same as the man in any business, anytime, anywhere.
Hartford firefighters received a report of a fire at 39 Charter Oak Place at 1:19 a.m. Sunday morning, according to Capt. Michael Patterson.
When firefighters arrived on scene, they found smoke billowing out of the third floor of the U-shaped building, Patterson said.
They also saw people standing in the windows of the five-story building, caught in the blaze.
In total, firefighters rescued 41 people from the building.
One person — who has not yet been identified — died in the fire, and 31 people were taken to local hospitals, Patterson said.
Two children taken to the hospital were initially listed in critical condition, but Patterson said they were both upgraded to stable condition later in the morning.

Thinis wish all injured people get well soon

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