German Shepherd Dog Saves A Child From A Fatal Attack (video)

German Shepherd dog

Surveillance cameras captured the heroic stance of a German Shepherd dog saving a 6-year-old from a fatal attack.

The video shows the German shepherd dog “Tank” protecting a young boy who was playing in his front garden in South Florida, from the attack of his fierce neighbor’s dog, a blue-nosed Pitbull.
According to the child’s father, the neighbor’s dog ran towards his son, and with quick intuition, “Tank”, the one-year-old pet of the family, felt that his child friend was in danger, so he rushed towards him and protected him from harm, then rushed to confront the neighbor’s dog.
The child later ran towards his father crying, while the latter tried to run towards the two dogs to break up the “neighbors’ quarrel”. Later, the father published a video of the incident, which gained great popularity and many tributes to the German dog.

Tank, who is a one-year-old German Shepherd, sensed the boy was in danger and swiftly jumped into action to protect his best friend from being mauled.
The dog’s guarding instinct kicked into overdrive as he pushed the boy out of harm’s way and then stood over him before confronting the other canine.
German Shepherd dog
German Shepherd dog
In the shocking clip, the tearful little boy can be seen running towards his mother as the neighbor rushed onto the scene to break up the doggie scuffle. 
After both of the dogs barked, growled and charged at one another, the neighbor’s dog finally ran home.
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