Exclusive: Beautiful Gigi Hadid Gives Birth To Zigi Baby 2020

Gigi Hadid Gives Birth To Her 1st Baby

Gigi Hadid Gives Birth To Zigi Baby

One of the sources told the Thinis team that Gigi Hadid went to the hospital today, and it appears that she is close to giving birth to her first child to her boyfriend Zayn Malik.

Indeed, our isolation has been confirmed today, September 16, and a Zigi child has become in the bosom of his mother and father. We wish them happiness and a speedy recovery for Mother Gigi, and we will provide you with pictures as soon as possible.

Indeed, Gigi Hadid’s father, on his Instagram account, added the news that we were alone, and wished safety and speedy recovery for his daughter.


Super Model Gigi Hadid (25-year-old ) is pregnant with her first child from her boyfriend Zayn Malik. She knew about the baby last April, and earlier her mother had said that childbearing would be in September.
Zigi Baby is the expected child of millions of fans of beautiful Gigi, and fans of her boyfriend Zayn Malik, a former member of the One Direction.
Before 3 days Zayn Malik posted a shirtless polaroid which showed off his back tattoos, and wrote, “Got some stuff to show ya soon!”

Gigi Hadid Gives Birth

Gigi Hadi Gives Birth
Gigi Hadid Gives Birth To Zigi Baby

Gigi Hadid Gives Birth To Zigi Baby


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