The New “Hilux Killer” Conquers The Global Market

The New "Hilux Killer" Conquers The Global Market

Hilux Killer

China’s Dongfeng has teamed up with Nissan to develop a new pickup that will be a strong competitor to Toyota’s popular Hilux.

The new Dongfeng Rich 6 vehicles come with a body length of 5 meters and 29 centimeters, a width of 185 centimeters and a height of 181 centimeters, and the distance between the axles of the wheels is 315 centimeters.

This car got a cockpit equipped with two rows of seats that can accommodate five passengers, heating and cooling systems for the seats, and a driving interface equipped with advanced multimedia systems and a touch screen capable of wirelessly connecting to phones and smart devices.
Dongfeng also equipped it with a system to prevent slipping on slopes and turns, cruise control during travel, ABS brake systems, distance sensors, front and rear cameras, and advanced LED lights.Hilux Killer.

It will be introduced in many countries such as Russia, Brazil, Ukraine and the Middle East countries with 2.4-liter diesel engines with 140 horsepower, and five-speed automatic or mechanical gearboxes.

The New "Hilux Killer" Conquers The Global Market