How To Be An Attractive Girl ? Special And Unique

How To Be An Attractive Girl ?

Every woman wants to be elegant and attractive, you have to realize that your elegance and attractiveness are basically from your mind, in this article a set of basics you have to follow to be an attractive girl. Moral tips and physical tips.

How To Be An Attractive Girl Moral Tips :

1. Dare to be Different

You already know that each one of us is unique in our own right. focus on what makes you different from all the rest and cultivate it. Be yourself,Men are drawn to women who are not like any other woman they have encountered.  If you are not comfortable with sexy and flashy clothes and prefer the comfortable sneakers and jeans, feel free to wear them. If you enjoy horseback riding than shopping, then do it.

2. Accept your Flaws and Embrace You

If you love yourself it will be a lot easier to be who you are. People pretend to be someone else because there’s something about them they can’t accept. Feel comfortable with yourself. appreciates your body and takes care of it. attractive girl ,She is not afraid to express herself and she is confident.

3. Stand for What you Believe in.

Women who stand for what they believe in are always attractive to men. It is important that a woman should know what she wants and she should work hard to get it. It’s a little disappointing and annoying if a woman doesn’t know where she should be.

4. Take care of yourself.

An attractive woman is someone who takes care of herself. She is healthy and she observes a healthy routine and lifestyle. She goes to exercise during her free time. She gets her hair and nails treated every once in a while. She brushes her teeth regularly.

5. Smile!

An attractive woman is someone who always smiles and who has a positive outlook in life. A woman is most beautiful when she smiles. It is enough to melt a man’s heart. If a woman is nice and approachable she becomes attractive in everyone’s eyes. On the other hand, no matter how beautiful a woman is, if she is rude and difficult to approach she becomes unattractive.

6. Learn to have Fun and Celebrate Life.

An attractive woman knows when to have fun and when to be serious about things. It is attractive when she celebrates life and enjoys with others. If a woman values her life, she is happy no matter what happens. She also brings joy to other people in her circle.

7. See the Good in Others and Be Positive.

A positive attitude and positive outlook in life attracts a lot of attention from men. A woman who always has a compassionate heart for people and who doesn’t judge people easily is certainly very attractive. An attractive woman is not someone who is easily disappointed by circumstances. She believes that there’s goodness in every person she meets.

8. Be Spontaneous!

People can only appreciate your beauty if you go out and enjoy the sun. If you keep on hiding, people will not notice you. Go out and smell the flowers. Smile and enjoy your life. Happiness is contagious. It makes a woman more beautiful and attractive. Go and hang-out with your friends. Eat something you have never tasted before. Be spontaneous! Men like it very much when a girl is unpredictable.

9. Don’t be Afraid to Express Yourself.

How To Be An Attractive Girl ?
How To Be An Attractive Girl ?
An attractive girl knows how and when to express herself. She is smart enough to choose her words carefully but brave enough to say it sincerely. She is intelligent but not intimidating. She has a cool sense of humor that makes everyone laugh. She shares good jokes but never makes fun of anyone.

10. Be Strong and Never Give up.

A woman who keeps on going despite every challenge in life is certainly beautiful and attractive. She pursues her dreams and achieves her goals. She is an achiever and she is successful and confident.

How To Be An Attractive Girl Physical Tips :

1- Bright, Pearly Whites

Flashing your pearly whites can affect how attractive you are to the guy you’ve been daydreaming about.

2- Red Lipstick

This study from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology finds a direct correlation between the color red and males’ attraction to females.2 The best part? According to the study, “Men seem unaware of this red effect”.

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3- Larger Hips-to-Waist Ratio

How To Be An Attractive Girl ?
How To Be An Attractive Girl ?
Thin, waify body types might be the runway standard (for now), but researchers from New Zealand found that men prefer a larger waist-to-hips ratio over a smaller ratio.

4-Higher Voice

Men preferred female voices that are higher in pitch and “breathy.” But for the sake of your girlfriends, just don’t take that as an invitation to bring your baby voice to the public space.

5-Brunette Beauty

Blondes may have more fun, but are they seen as more attractive? Some studies have found that brunettes are rate “more favorably” than blondes by male subjects.

6-Less Makeup

Yet another excuse to join the #nomakeupselfie movement? Subjects in this study from the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology were shown photos of female faces wearing varying levels of makeup and asked to choose which look they found the most attractive and which look they’d guess the opposite sex would find the most attractive.6 Both men and women agreed on the same amount of makeup they found attractive, but women actually thought men preferred way more makeup than they actually did.

7-Longer Arms

Don’t have Gisele’s mile-long gams? Having long arms might be more attractive to guys anyway, according to this study.
How To Be An Attractive Girl ?
How To Be An Attractive Girl ?


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