3 Great Tips Before You Choose Your Eye Lenses Color

Eye Lenses Color

Choosing the correct eye lenses color depends on many factors, such as hair color, skin color, and the type of appearance desired, such as choosing a natural look or a bold look.

Its color can be chosen depending on the natural color of the eyes. Or, to get a bold and dramatic look by wearing light brown lenses.
In case the skin is light-colored, but in the case of dark eyes, you can try hazel or hazel lenses, and to get a different look, you can try wearing blue, green or blue contact lenses. Violet for a new look.
The original eye color also plays an important role in choosing the appropriate color shade of the lenses for the skin, so when the eyes are dark, the lighter shade must be chosen in order to get the appropriate shade, and vice versa with the light eyes so that a darker shade is chosen to get the appropriate color.

1- Eye Lenses suitable for white skin

Fair-white skin is best suited to bright colors, such as blue, purple, turquoise and hazel, for a natural look.

2- Eye Lenses suitable for brown skin

Eye Lenses suitable for brown skin depends on choosing warm colors, such as brown or natural honey, and it is advised to avoid bright colors, such as blue or green. To avoid the artificial look, [2] but if the hair color is blond, golden, or brown, you can try light brown, honey, hazel, and green.
Eye Lenses Color
Eye Lenses Color

3- Types of Eye Lenses

There are different types of Eye Lenses, including:
1- Opaque lenses, which are characterized by being completely covering the natural eye color, are suitable for dark eyes.
2- Color-enhancing lenses that are used to shade the natural color of light-colored eyes, as they have no effect on dark eyes.
3- Moderate or circular contact lenses, and they are distinguished by a dark circle around the iris, suitable for light eyes.
4- Custom-made tinted lenses, or sports lenses, are cosmetic lenses that, in addition to being practical, improve the ability of athletes, as they reduce glare, contrast sensitivity, and increase visual perception.

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Eye Lenses Color
Eye Lenses Color


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