How To Create A Database ?

How To Create A Database

Create A Database

A database is a group of information organized in a way that is easy to access, manage, and update, and the data in databases are usually arranged in the form of tables containing columns and rows, and they are also indexed, in order to facilitate access to them and read them later.

How To Create A Database ?

Using Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is a database engine that is similar in type to relational databases, and this program is one of the programs of the Microsoft Office package (in English: Microsoft Office), and the Axis program has an easy-to-use interface, and it supports dealing with programs Other from Microsoft, such as Microsoft’s Sequel Server, so it is suitable for use in managing small and large databases, and to create a database using Microsoft Access, the following steps are followed:
When you open the Access software, options appear under the Create tab (New) to create a new database, and among these options is what allows creating a database from scratch, or choosing templates on which to build the base.
After choosing the database model, the program will ask to choose a name for the database, and you can also change the place of saving it by clicking on the folder icon and then choosing the location for saving.
Click the Create button.

Using Microsoft’s Sequel SQL Server

SQL Server Management Studio can be used to create a database by following the following steps:
-In what is called (Object Explorer), a connection is established with the SQL Server engine.
Right-click on (Databases), then “New Database.”
Choose the name of the database.
Click on the OK button.

3- MySQL To Create A Database

MySQL software is one of the most popular open source database management systems, and it has many features, and it is easy to use. :
Download the installer from the following website: Here
Open is the downloaded file.
Choosing the type of installation ( Setup Type), and the option ( Developer Default) is the best option in most cases.
Follow the installation steps until it is finished.

After the installation process, a password must be set for the root user ( root), and this is done as follows:

  • Open the program’s command surface interface by pressing the Start button in Windows, and from the programs menu ( All programs), under the “MySQL” folder, the program called “MySQL 5.7 Command Line Client” opens.
  • Run the following command: mysql -u root -p.
  • Enter a new passcode and press the Enter button on the keyboard.
After that, the Sequel language commands can be executed through the MySecuel command surface interface, which can be opened by following the first step in the previous steps.  To create a new database, the following command is entered (replacing “databasename” with the name of the required database): CREATE DATABASE databasename.
SQL can be used to perform various operations on databases that support this language, such as creating tables, retrieving data according to specific conditions, especially adding new data and updating it.
How To Create A Database
How To Create A Database


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