How To Make Sweater Nails In 4 Easy Steps

How To Make Sweater Nails ?

Sweater Nails “One of the latest trends in nail art. Do you know this trend? This is a kind of urious ureaginal for winter.

The nails are paint so that they seem to be nonwoven, with a texture and shapes similar to that kind of woolen jackets we wear.

1- Urban your nails

The first step for the Woolen Cocky Nails are preparing your nails and making them ideal for a final task-free long lasting. Remove any previous paint residue with a liquid without acetone, and wash your hands with water and soap to remove dirt and any residue.
Once your nails become completely clean, you have to create the desired shape. To do this, their strength with a nail deficiency (never use normal scissors) if necessary, and use a high quality cooler to give them the form you want. To look like this good decoration and your convenience too, prefers to be long nails. If they are too short, it will be very difficult to make it look like a sweater or pull-over.
Equipped also to nail nail, and pay them with a wooden stick and eat with excess skin using the ice cutter. Use the oil first to soften the excess skin and make it easier for you. If you do not know how to do this, we suggest you follow the steps in the article on how to remove nail nail.

2- Materials for “Sweater Nails”

You can now make your own distinctive nails, a very Original orginal decoration for winter days and a new year when we wear a beautiful gara. To imitate the woolen jackets on your nails, you need the following articles:
Coating Gel or Gel Lacker in which you want, choosing colors are preferred to puzzle colors or woolen trousers you want to wear to match your nails. Can be white paint, reporter, burgundy, gray, poles, paja, green dakna, dark blue, etc. We always used this paint because this type of nail decoration can not be achieved. How To Make Sweater Nails ?
We Recommend On Amazon : AIMEILI Gel Nail Polish No Wipe Top and Base Coat Set.
A thin brush and accurate for making prominent inscriptions on the nails.
Lamp dedicated to ultraviolet to dry coating.
Final nail polish or transparent nail polish top coat to keep the nail decoration and perfect manicure longer.
We Recommend on Amazon : Beetles 2 Pcs 15ml No Wipe Gel Top Coat.
How To Make Sweater Nails ?
Sweater Nails

3- Steps to How To Make Sweater Nails ?

When you have everything you need to achieve this trend, which gives your nails a very similar texture for knitted woolen jackets, here are the steps you can take:
Place a layer of transparent nails or a basic layer of Top Coat on your nails to prevent them from damage.
Put the first layer of the paint you chose.
Put your nails under UV lamp to dry.
Once you dry completely, put a second layer of gel coating and dry it again using UV lamp.
Then, using gel, nationalize the effects of jacket on the nails. To do this, a few paint paint on a piece of plastic and take a small amount of product with a soft brush. You only have to draw any lines, points or patterns you want to create for the creation of the nails of the Sufi. There are many models that you can make, invited yourself to inspire the puzzling patterns for your winter crankers.
Put the last time drying lamp and wait for enough time until the design becomes clear and well.
Finally, just install the design with a layer of transparent paint or so-called Top Coat. This will keep your nails longer.

4- Different models for art “sweater nails”

There are many designs to imitate the pole tissue tissue on your nails and incubate this revolutionary trend in nail art. It ranges from a simple color nail polish and those that combine different colors and patterns. The whole thing about taste and creativity, always search for a distinctive pattern for jackets or nonwoven winter treasures.
Look at the pictures we offer you below and get inspiration from the designs of “Woolen Treasure” “Sweats Nails” or “Pull-Over” you like more.
How To Make Sweater Nails ?
Sweater Nails
How To Make Sweater Nails ?
Sweater Nails
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