How To Protect The Computer From Hacking ?

How To Protect The Computer From Hacking

Protect The Computer From Hacking

Simple and easy steps that can protect you from penetration .

1- Avoid opening strange links

The user should be careful not to open e-mail messages from people he does not know, and not to click on the links in untrusted messages, and harmful links can come from a friend because of their exposure to hacking, and the reliability of the link can be confirmed before opening it, to avoid being Harmful to the device or to be a hacking link, by placing the mouse cursor over the link, where the destination or origin of the link must appear at the bottom of the browser window.

2- Make updates

Incitement to regularly update the system, the browser, and important applications regularly, taking advantage of automatic updating when it is available on the device, as these updates help to remove software flaws, which allow hackers to view and steal information, and there is also a Windows Update update, which is It is a service provided by Microsoft that downloads and installs software updates for Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, and Outlook Express, and it will also provide the user with security updates.

3- Antivirus protection

Care should be taken to prevent viruses from being installed on the device, by installing an anti-virus program on the computer, taking care to enable automatic protection, so that the program constantly searches for viruses as soon as the computer is turned on, and a full scan is performed on the computer using an anti-virus program Private virus, and if a virus is detected, the anti-virus program will clean, delete or quarantine the file.

4- Choose strong passwords

Devices and accounts must be protected from hackers by setting passwords that are difficult to guess, which are usually of at least eight characters, and a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols, taking care not to use personal information in passwords, such as: date of birth, it is from Words that hackers can easily find. Protect The Computer From Hacking
How To Protect The Computer From Hacking
How To Protect The Computer From Hacking


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