Karina Dazzles Fans In Aespa ’s 1st Video Clip

Karina Dazzles Fans In Aespa’s 1st Video Clip

Karina Dazzles Fans

Karina dazzles fans with her performance and dancing in the first video clip for the new kpop group Aespa .

Karina, in his first new video clip, for the newly formed band Aespa, impressed fans who expressed their admiration for her performance, so Karina Trend releases the name on Twitter, in many countries.

“Is that god, giselle rapping is the best, karina dancing superior, ningning and winter singing so beautiful helpaaa I’m
in love” translate for the tweet below .

Who is Karina ?

aespa, whose debut was decided in November.
Since aespa will debut from the major entertainment agency SMTOWN, people all over the world are paying attention.
Real name: Yoo Jimin
Age: 20 years old (born 2000)
Birthplace: South Korea
Position: Vocal , Rap , Dance
Trainee period: 4 years
KARINA (Yoo Jimin) is a member who has been talked about as a debut candidate of aespa from early on.
KARINA have also worked as a dancer for SHINee Taemin’s “WANT”.
Because KARINA is good at dancing, pay attention to KARINA’s performance at aespa!

Karina Dazzles Fans In Aespa’s 1st Video Clip


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