Is Kevin Samuels Dead At 56 ? The Fact, And Causes

Is Kevin Samuels Dead ? The Fact

YouTuber Kevin Samuels dead as news circled on social media since hours , his fans are concerning as the social media star has not broken his silence. Here is the fact.

Kevin Samuels describes himself as an “image consultant”, you know that he has built a huge following over the past 2 years by giving dating advice. The message often denigrates women, and some of his most famous YouTube videos are “How Much Do You Cost to Submit?” and “Modern Women Are Average at Best?”. “Why don’t you get married?” Obviously, all you need to play the role of a relationship expert is a fancy suit and glasses. Earlier this year, he received Future’s final co-signature – which should tell you everything you need to know.
Samuels sparked controversy last week when he said unmarried women aged 35 were considered “leftover women.” In the video circulating on social media, he walks over to his soapbox and spit out this misogynistic remark: “If you live to 35 and you’re not married, you’re a leftover. You’re leftover. . Men know you may have a problem. Whether you want to hear it or not, I’ll go with you. I’m telling you the truth you don’t want to hear.”
Is Kevin Samuels Dead ? The Fact
Is Kevin Samuels Dead ? The Fact
The news of Kevin Samuels’ death caused an uproar on social networking sites, especially Twitter, the man considered by many to be “the enemy of women” and seen by others as neutral and not misogynistic. Thousands tweeted about the news of his death, and opinions differed between sadness by some, gloating by some, and lack of interest by some. So, is Kevin Samuels Dead ?

Is Kevin Samuels Dead ? The Fact And The Cause of Death

Thinis Gate” has confirmed from reliable sources that YouTube sensation and self-proclaimed relationship guru Kevin Samuels has passed away today (May 5).  The causes of Kevin Samuels’ death are still a mystery, but some reports have attributed the cause to a heart attack, and others are talking about an accident.
Time of death. The news of Kevin’s death spreaded, according to what was published on some social media pages several hours ago, the news was neither confirmed nor denied, which raised a state of uncertainty about the sad news . Samuels silenced concern for his fans.
A social media page that goes by the name “gossiointhecitytea” shared a screenshot of a message that hinted Kevin was dead.
The message read: “CLR ADV She doesn’t know the apartment number but to ask for Kevin Samuels at the front desk CLR ADV there is an unresponsive male at the loc (breathing but not alert or conscious).”
While the message does have the name “Kevin Samuels” it is unclear if it is the YouTuber. At the same time, there is no proof of authenticity provided for the post that was shared.
It is reported that the last video that Samuels posted on his channel was only 20 hours ago, in which he talked about modern women, and it seemed to be in good condition.
In it, the social media influencer talks about how women tend to prioritize other things over relationships. While his ideas have been slammed by many, there are quite a few who follow him religiously.
Fans have also been concerned about him and asking if he is fine.

Who Is Kevin Samuels ?

Is Kevin Samuels Dead ? The Fact
Is Kevin Samuels Dead ? The Fact
Kevin samuels was born on March 13, 1965.He isknown as American Youtuber , from Atlanta, Georgia, United States.
As per his Instagram, is an image consultant and makes videos regarding the same. Most of his content on social media revolves around the work he does.
He has over one million followers on Instagram, 80k on TikTok, 1.4 million on YouTube, and 277k on Facebook.
The YouTube description for his page refers to him as a “lifestyle consultant” as well.’ Most of the time, Kevin would use his social media presence to engage with the audience while also sharing his messages.
He is twice divorced, and currently single.

Is Kevin Samuels Dead ? The Fact