Lavrov : The World Will No Longer Be Unipolar

Lavrov : The World Will No Longer Be Unipolar


Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned that the system of international relations is currently undergoing dangerous negative changes, blaming the West for its pursuit of unilateral supremacy at the expense of others.

Russia-Moscow – “There are radical changes at the international level, which are not entirely positive, to say the least. The whole system is going through turmoil,” Lavrov said in a speech today, Wednesday, before the Russian State Duma.
The minister pointed out that the West, led by the United States, is trying to “confront objective historical tendencies and gain unilateral supremacy without taking into account the legitimate interests of other countries at all,” adding that Western countries “are still not ready to accept the reality of the multipolar world that is currently emerging and must be more just and democratic model of the world based on the domination of one country.
Lavrov : The World Will No Longer Be Unipolar
Lavrov : The World Will No Longer Be Unipolar
Lavrov said that the West is trying to impose on the international community its own vision of international life under the slogan “the necessity of establishing and respecting a rules-based system,” pointing out that this theory stipulates the West’s right to “set rules in various fields while completely ignoring the principle of multilateralism in the world.” represented by the United Nations, which undermines international law.”
The minister stated that the West is trying what he describes as “punishing” countries that pursue independent policies different from its approach, primarily Russia and China, by exploiting “inappropriate mechanisms”, including various sanctions, “demonization in the media space” and orchestrated provocations by intelligence services.
Lavrov stressed that the world has not been centered on America for a long time and will never return to a unipolar model, adding that the vast majority of countries today share Russia’s principled positions rejecting Western ideological dictates.
He continued: “Mankind has matured, and the number of those willing to sacrifice their radical national interests and bring chestnuts from the fire to the great colleagues in Washington and Brussels is constantly decreasing.”
Lavrov stressed that Moscow will not stand idly by in front of the West’s actions towards it, stressing that the security of Russia and its citizens remains an absolute priority.


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