Beautiful Marina Ontanaya Bio , Age, And Pics

Beautiful Marina Ontanaya Bio , Age, And Pics 2020
NameMarina Ontanaya
Birth placemanchega , Spain
Live PlaceLondon
Age at 202227 years old

Jagger on “Criss Cross,” an unheard track off of the Rolling Stones’ 1973 record Goats Head Soup, which is getting released as a reissue this September.

In the song’s new music video, directed by Diana Kunst, Marina Ontanaya stars as the aforementioned woman running zig-zags through the frontman’s head.

Marina Ontanaya Bio , Age, And Pics 2020
Marina Ontanaya Bio , Age, And Pics 2020
To say that the rising Spanish entertainer and model is a fit for the piece of a rowdy ‘star would be putting it mildly. With her haze of dim twists and eyelash-brushing periphery alone, Marina Ontanaya seems as though she was culled from the very period that started the unruly, cavorting track. However, it’s her wild-youngster proclivities, as caught by Kunst in a glimmering series of stills and recordings kept in New York and Ibiza, Spain, that transmit a sort of attractive, free-wheelin’ soul that can’t be faked. It’s no big surprise Marina Ontanaya immediately turned into Kunst’s dream upon their gathering — regardless of whether the conditions that united them a couple of years back are strikingly interesting. Vogue


Her image has gone around the world and it is that being the absolute protagonist of a video clip of The Rolling Stones is not for less. Her name is Marina Ontanaya, although her friends know her as Chilli Pepper, and she monopolizes (and eats the camera) each and every one of the shots of Criss Cross, the last unreleased song of their Satanic Majesties published at the beginning of July as a preview of their next album. The young model, born in Daimiel, lives in London and although she is not a fan of rock music, she assures that the figure of Mick Jagger “freaks out” her as her character.
Revista VanityFair have been able to speak with Marina, an idealistic and planet-conscious man from La Mancha who is studying acting in the British capital and who dreams of working under the orders of David Lynch or Pedro Almodóvar and traveling the world blasting the mythical song Now that we found love by The Third.

How did your participation in the video clip of The Rolling Stone come about?

My participation with the Rolling Stones arose thanks to my friend Diana Kunst, since it was she who suggested that I do something with what we had previously recorded. We had something uploaded to the social networks of our work together, although most had not seen the light.

Did you have to participate in any casting?

Not fortunately.

What has this job meant for you personally and professionally?

Marina Ontanaya answered. For me, this work is very important, not only because of the part of working for the Rolling Stones (which is more than obvious), but because in this video there are five years of memories, five years of friendship, five years of growth for both parts. In short, this work shows the last five years of our life together. Usually we take a thousand photos and videos of everything at every moment and we forget to enjoy and live here and now, but when Diana and I are together it’s hard to explain, but it’s like living in a constant source of energy and inspiration.
I am the one in front of the camera, but she is those eyes that look at me. So I think that seeing these five years with her in such a compressed way has made me realize the love and talent with which she looks at me and I think it’s a gift that she gives us all the opportunity to see in four minutes of video his way of appreciating the world around us. The truth is that it has been very special to see yourself through the eyes of another person.


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