9 Most Beautiful Forests Around The World

9 Most Beautiful Forests Around The World

Forests Around The World

A group of forests around the world have their own magic and beauty; Which contributes to the provision of the wonderful nature distinguished by greenery and water, wildlife, trees and shrubs of different shapes.

And an atmosphere suitable for various tourist trips, which gives them a special beauty of their own, and the following information about a group of the most beautiful forests in the world .

1-Bamboo forest

Bamboo forest , Most Beautiful Forests Around The World
Bamboo forest – Most Beautiful Forests Around The World
The bamboo forest in Japan, specifically in the Arashiyama district, is considered one of the most beautiful forests in the world, as it contains a group of gardens planted with bamboo trees; There are ten and more species of bamboo trees.

2- Amazon forest

Amazon forest
Amazon forest – Most Beautiful Forests Around The World
The Amazon forest is located within the lands of the South American continent, and has been classified on the world level as the largest rainforest, and is distinguished by that it contains a great wealth of plants and animals, and the lands of the Amazon forest cover about nine countries; With an area of 5.5 million km², the Amazon forest still represents about half of the world’s rainforests.

3- Black forests

Black forests
Black forests – Most Beautiful Forests Around The World
The black forests are located within the territory of the state of Germany, and the Romans called them the black forests. Because the pine trees in them block the sun’s rays from their land; As a result, they turn into dark forests all the time, even during the daytime, and the black forests are also called Schwarzwald, and they contain a valley called the Rhine Valley.

4- Belgrade Forest

Belgrade forests are located within Turkish territory, specifically in Istanbul, and these forests constitute a major source of oxygen, and the area of Belgrade forests reaches 5,300 hectares, contains 7 lakes, and is linked with Istanbul by a set of bridges over the water, and about 700 thousand square meters have been allocated to individuals from Visitors aim to sit and hike, and Belgrade forests contain walking paths, practicing various sports, cycling, and several cafes and restaurants.

5- Tumblur Park

Tumblur Park is located in the northern side of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, and contains a group of forests of tropical nature and various and different trees and plants, and many organisms live in these forests; Such as butterflies, insects and animals, and it is also characterized by the presence of many heights with rocky limestone components, and a group of waterfalls located at a height of 100 meters, and these forests also provide tourists with the ability to walk on narrow roads, climb the Takyun plateau to its summit at a height of 350 meters, and see the caves in it.

6- Mamora Forest

The Mamoura Forest is located in the western side of the Moroccan capital, Rabat, specifically on one of its hills, and is about 12 km away from the Moroccan city of Fez, and its geographical area reaches 133 thousand hectares, and a group of oak trees constitute about 63 thousand hectares of its area, as for the surface of the plateau for this Forests, as it is made of sandy clay soil, and there are many meadows that fall on it during the winter and autumn seasons.

7- Jiuzhaigou Forest

Jiuzhaigou Forest
Jiuzhaigou Forest – Most Beautiful Forests Around The World
Jiuzhaigou Forest is geographically located in the People’s Republic of China, specifically within a valley that covers the lakes and waterfalls that characterize this forest, and it is spread by trees that grow according to various heights, ranging from about 2000 to 4500 meters above sea level.

8- Tongas National Forests

Tongas National Forests
Tongas National Forests – Most Beautiful Forests Around The World
The Tongas National Forests are the largest forests located in the territory of the United States of America, and are specifically located in Alaska, and the indigenous people of Alaska care for them and live on their land.

9- Taman Negara Forest

Taman Negara Forest is located in Malaysia, and is classified as an ancient rainforest on the surface of the globe; As it has an estimated age of about 130,000,000 years, it is one of the Malaysian national parks, and is characterized by its biological diversity, as there are about 14,000 species of plants, about 240 types of trees that are classified as rare, and 400 types of animal species, as it goes in the middle of Its territory is the Templing River, and navigation in Tamam Negara Forest depends on the use of boats.
Taman Negara Forest
Taman Negara Forest – Most Beautiful Forests Around The World


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