Nicholas Sandman Wins $ 525 Million As Compensation

Nicholas Sandman Wins

Nicholas Sandman Wins

Nicholas Sandman was a 16-year-old boy when he stood up against the largest American media outlets, after publishing a clip that included a scene that was misinterpreted and subjected to defamation through various media outlets and bullying of celebrities.

The story began a year ago when a clip of a young man and a group of his school students ran up against an Native American activist called “Nathan Phillips,” the clip that contained no details but shows Nicholas smiling sarcastically in the face of the 64-year-old activist.
The young Sandman’s position and smile were considered bullying and cynicism, and during the 24 hours that followed the spread of the video, a number of media outlets adopted this story, accusing Nicholas and his friends of racist and inflammatory actions against the American activist, and the young man became a source of cynicism and bullying.
The truth is that the clip published by the media was broken and did not reveal the whole truth, and the surprise came when a new clip spread that showed other parties in the case and they are a biased group that stood up to launch racist statements against a group of students from Trump supporters, which prompted the activist Phillips to use his drum to disperse the crowds.
A report was issued after the incident revealing the lack of evidence that the teenagers were in direct confrontation with the activist and did not send him any racist or offensive comments contrary to what was presented in a number of media outlets that were deceived by a segmented segment of the incident and presented it without sufficient evidence, and here a number of those methods began to back down. And apologize.
The young man’s family began filing several cases with the media after he was subjected to death threats as a result of biased coverage that led to defamation and insulting his reputation.

Nicholas Sandman Wins

Nicholas Sandman won his first case and CNN compensated him for $ 275 million!
Nicholas Sandman Wins
Nicholas Sandman
And just yesterday … Sandman won another case and the Washington Post will pay him $ 250 million! For the total compensation received to date to be $ 525 million in cases that could amount to $ 800 million if he earned them all.
A media mistake made a young teenager a potential billionaire and a public figure that reminds all workers in this important profession of the importance of being careful and careful.


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