Nilüfer Yanya Is A Unique Voice Missing Marketing And Support, Know More About Her

Nilüfer Yanya Is A Unique Voice

Nilüfer Yanya Is A Unique Voice

Nilüfer Yanya is a complete artist, unique voice, special style, and dreamy mindset, deserving of being among the stars.

Nilüfer is an English artist, she was born in a pure artistic home in Chelsea London in 1995, her mother is Irish and her father is Turkish. Yanya has released several albums since 2016, but she has not found the momentum she deserves, as it seems that she suffers from a lack of marketing and resources and working with musicians who can employ her voice Well .
Today, Yanya returned with a new song entitled same damn luck .

Nilüfer Yanya Same Damn Luck Lyrics And Video 2020

Nilüfer EPs

  • Small Crimes/Keep on Calling (2016)
  • Plant Feed (2017)
  • Do You Like Pain? (2018)
  • Feeling Lucky? (2020)

Nilüfer Yanya Is A Unique Voice

Her mother’s classical music playing at home, she soon gravitated to guitar rock and learned how to play the instrument at age 12. Informally starting her musical career with demos uploaded to SoundCloud in 2014,
she turned down an offer to join a girl group produced by Louis Tomlinson of One Direction and focused on developing her own music instead.
Her first EP, Small Crimes/Keep on Calling, was released in 2016. Her second EP, Plant Feed, was released in 2017, followed by Do You Like Pain? in 2018.
In 2019, she released her debut studio album, Miss Universe, which received rave reviews and critical acclaim, with critics noting her ability to bounce back and forth between musical and lyrical styles, shifting between “gimlet-eyed composure and cataclysmic panic”.
Yanya’s music has been described as nervous and restless, combining influences from indie rock to soul, jazz, and trip hop.
A Stereogum review called her voice “malleable and endlessly expressive.



Nilüfer Yanya Is A Unique Voice


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