Paco Di Canto Is A Shiny Talent In Fashion Photography

Paco Di Canto

A mix between talent and artistic vision , Paco Di Canto is a talent in fashion photography , his images carries with it a story, take you into its a waves of fantasy and the magic of meanings.

Paco Di Cant born on April 2, 1981 in Agropoli, in the Cilento – ITALY, where fashion and art castles.
Son of art, he began to take photography at the age of seven as his father’s assistant.
The youthful told  Thinis Gate that , his father’s experience  taught him about the world of film, providing him with the beginning of the art secrets , and he told him, that he will make his own very soon.
At the age of twenty-two Paco is an apprentice at a photo printing, and processing laboratory.
And in 2010 he attended a Master of Fashion photography, at the Elite Fashion Academy in Milan.

Paco Di Canto Is A Shiny Talent In Fashion Photography 2020

After moving to Milan, he collaborates primarily with Simone Guidarelli (well-known fashion stylist) , taking care of his personal images for him , and is the director of the video for his KWAY, capsule by Simone Guidarelli.
In 2016 he was chosen by the famous designer Elisabetta Franchi, to create 2 black and white books where he tells the back of the fashion collection, and the preparation for the show in an artistic key.

Paco Di Canto Is A Shiny Talent In Fashion Photography 2020

In 2017 he made several portraits for her, and one in particular in black and white (near the mannequin), became an institutional portrait of ELISABETTA FRANCHI.
So he sign the worldwide campaign of the ASH brand in 2018.
He collaborates with international newspapers such as Marie Claire Arabia, Elle Arabia, L’officiel Arabia.
And today Paco Di Canto is one of the most promising names, among the new and most requested talents of fashion photography.
 So You Can watch more of Paco Di Canto work on his website HERE.

Paco Di Canto Is A Talent In Fashion Photography

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