Rare Show Of Stefano Ricci In Hatshepsut Temple, Egypt 2022

A Rare Show Of Stefano Ricci In The Temple Of Hatshepsut, Egypt 2022

Stefano Ricci’s international fashion show, which was hosted by the Pharaonic Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, on the western bank of Luxor on Sunday evening, received wide international attention, so what are its details?

Luxor-Egypt – The fashion show comes within the framework of the house’s celebrations of its silver jubilee, which are held in the midst of the temples of the kings and queens of ancient Egypt, in the presence of 350 personalities, including politicians.Artists, fashion designers and newspaper editors came from different countries of the world.

Pharaonic clothes

The show featured the latest designs of Stefano Ricci, all of which bear the stamp of Egyptian civilization, and included all Egyptian pieces and colors associated with the Pharaonic sector and temple inscriptions, most notably the golden color, in addition to the use of blue, which is associated with the color of the Nile.

What distinguished the show was the appearance of some amazing aspects among the statues of Queen Hatshepsut, in the body of Osorian on the stage.

Why the temple of Queen Hatshepsut?

Stefano Ricci’s house, Luxor temples in Egypt, chose to celebrate the golden jubilee, which premiered in the Italian city of Florence in 1972, according to Dr. Mostafa Waziri, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Egyptian Antiquities.
Waziri said, in statements to the German News Agency, that the house’s choice of the Luxor temples was not a coincidence, stressing that the decision was based on historical backgrounds and facts.
He added that the “fashion” show started from ancient Egypt, which was famous for its taste and high-end clothing for thousands of years.
Stefano Ricci commented, through his own account, on choosing the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut to host the Golden Jubilee celebration, saying: “A unique experience embraced by the land of the pharaohs, Luxor, a city full of magic, art and traditions.”

A Rare Show Of Stefano Ricci In The Temple Of Hatshepsut, Egypt 2022

He explained that receiving this privileged authorization from the Egyptian institutions is a source of pride for him, and brings a sense of responsibility, respect and concern towards these holy places.

A Rare Show Of Stefano Ricci In The Temple Of Hatshepsut, Egypt 2022

Stefano Ricci’s international fashion show in the middle of the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut coincides with the beginning of the cultural tourism season in Egypt, which is the season that begins at the beginning of October of each year, when tourists from all over the world come to visit the temples and tombs of the rulers of ancient Egypt in Giza , Minya, Abydos, and Dendera, next to the cities of Luxor and Aswan.
International fashion house Stefano Ricci
It is a luxury men’s clothing brand, and ranks among the most expensive brands in Europe. Founded in 1972, designer Stefano Ricci and his wife Claudia, established their first business in the family home in Florence.
The opening of the first store in Shanghai in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in 1993, until the brand reached them in China, and began to expand its production of men’s clothing, including suits, sportswear, knitwear, shoes and the production of exclusive leather pieces.
In 1997, the first fragrance of the brand was launched under the name “Classic”, and at the beginning of the millennium, the sons of the designer, Nicolo Ricci, CEO of the group, and Filippo Ricci became the creative director.
And in 2005 the “Royal Eagle” brand logo was created, which is a symbol of strength, honor and pride.

A Rare Show Of Stefano Ricci In The Temple Of Hatshepsut, Egypt 2022

An expansion in the brand’s production took place in 2009 after the launch of “SR HOME”, which included dinnerware such as porcelain, crystal, silverware, luxury furnishings and leather home accessories, followed by many developments that the global company had.
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