Respect Selena Gomez Tops Twitter 1 In Minutes

Respect Selena Gomez Tops Twitter

Respect Selena Gomez tops Twitter in several countries around the world, and that within a few minutes after the mockery of a surgery performed by Gomez.

After a TV program mocked Selena Gomez, citing wounds from a surgery for a total transplant, performed by Selena, fans of Selena Gomez around the world tweeted, respected Selena Gomez, in solidarity with her against what some called, hate campaigns against the young pop singer.
Selena has been mocked on the TV show Saved by the Bell.
The tweeters expressed their rejection of this method, which mocked the pain and wounds of people, and expressed the extent of their respect and love for the shining star.

Saved by the Bell

Saved by the Bell is an American streaming television sitcom developed by Tracey Wigfield, that premiered on November 25, 2020, on Peacock.
It is a direct sequel to the television series Saved by the Bell (1989–1993) and Saved by the Bell: The College Years (1993–1994), following some of the same characters.
Most of the main actors from the original Saved by the Bell series, except for Dustin Diamond and Dennis Haskins as Screech and Mr. Belding, respectively, are reprising their roles.

Respect Selena Gomez Tops Twitter Respect Selena Gomez Tops Twitter

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