Sanctions Against Chelsea Owner Abramovich And His Yacht

Sanctions Against Chelsea Owner Abramovich And His Yacht

Chelsea Owner Roman Abramovich

The British government has imposed sanctions on Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich.

Abramovich’s assets have been frozen and transactions with British private individuals and companies are prohibited, according to London sources today. He was also given a travel and transport ban.
Britain is reacting to the Russian war in Ukraine. “There must be no safe havens for those who supported Putin’s vicious attack on Ukraine,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson was quoted as saying. Chelsea Owner Roman Abramovich is said to be close to Putin, which he denies.

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Sanctions Against Chelsea Owner Abramovich And His Yacht
Sanctions Against Chelsea Owner Abramovich And His Yacht
Chelsea FC will be granted a license for the time being so that “football-related activities” can continue. The government in London said the intention was to prevent the sanctions from damaging the football club.
Allowing Chelsea to continue playing their games protects the Premier League, football as a whole, loyal fans and other clubs. The license is checked regularly.
Abramovich recently announced that he wanted to sell the club after almost 20 years. The move was in response to calls for sanctions against him, which now come into effect ahead of the Chelsea sale.

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Roman Abramovich is a billionaire Russian oligarch and politician. Abramovich enriched himself in the years following the collapse of the Soviet Union, obtaining Russian state-owned assets at prices far below market value in Russia’s controversial loans-for-shares privatization program.
Mr. Abramovich has a net worth estimated at 9.4 billion pounds, equivalent to $12.4 billion, the British government said.

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Sanctions Against Chelsea Owner Abramovich And His Yacht

According to Reuters. A super yacht linked to Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich left Barcelona on Tuesday where it had been undergoing repairs in a local shipyard, ship-tracking data showed.
The 140-metre (460-foot) Solaris, which sails under a Bermuda flag according to monitoring site Marine Traffic, left Spanish company MB92’s Barcelona shipyard just after 5 p.m. (1600 GMT) on Tuesday, according to the same site. MB92 declined to comment.
The superyacht, which was built in a German shipyard and first took to the sea early last year, is one of a string of yachts owned by Abramovich, according to reports in luxury goods publications SuperYachtFan, SuperYacht Times and Forbes.
At least five other superyachts owned by Russian billionaires were anchored or cruising in the Maldives last week, an island nation in the Indian Ocean with no extradition treaty with the United States.
There are currently three other yachts reportedly tied to Russian oligarchs at the Barcelona shipyard, according to Marine Traffic. One of them is related to Sergei Chemezov, chief of Russian state aerospace and defence conglomerate Rostec, who was sanctioned last week by the United States.
The other two are understood to belong to Russian oligarchs who have not been sanctioned – Andrey Molchanov, the main shareholder in Russian homebuilder LSR, and metals magnate Mikhail Prokhorov.
Another superyacht, named Eclipse, which is also reportedly owned by Abramovich, was in Barcelona last autumn and is now in the Caribbean Sea near the British Virgin Islands.

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Sanctions Against Chelsea Owner Abramovich And His Yacht

Eclipse is a superyacht built by Blohm+Voss of Hamburg, Germany, the fourth longest afloat. Her exterior and interior were designed by Terence Disdale. The yacht was delivered to Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich on 9 December 2010. At 162.5 metres (533 ft 2 in) long Eclipse was the world’s longest private yacht until the Azzam was launched in April 2013, which is 17.3 metres (56 ft 9 in) longer. The yacht’s cost has been estimated at €340 million when its been lanched.
Eclipse has two helicopter pads, 24 guest cabins, two swimming pools, several hot tubs, and a disco hall. It is also equipped with three launch boats and a mini-submarine that is capable of submerging to 50 metres (160 ft). Approximately 70 crew members are needed to operate the yacht and serve the guests.
The £448million Eclipse yacht, that Abramovich bought in 2010 has been cruising in the Caribbean Sea near the British Virgin Islands for the past week.
A spokeswoman for Abramovich told Reuters: “We never comment on the movements of the yacht or any other vehicles or vessels.”


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