“Save Rayan Live” Critical Moments To Save Rayan Morocco Live Stream

Save Rayan Live

Save Rayan Live

Watch Save Rayan Live live broadcast, critical and final moments in attempts to save the child Rayan, pray for Rayan, Live broadcast from Morocco.

( Morocco ) – Earlier, his mother had appealed to the Moroccan authorities to quickly rescue her 5-year-old boy after he fell into a deep well and was stuck at 32 metres last Tuesday . “I pray to God that they see him alive,” she said.
While the excavation operations to save the Moroccan child are approaching a dangerous stage, geologists fear that a collapse will occur as a result of the drilling operations.
Reinforcements from the Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie also arrived at the site, according to our correspondent.
Also, he explained that the rescue teams were able to bring down food and drink to the little boy, who had fallen ill.

Fears of tragedy

Save Rayan Live
Save Rayan Live
Al-Arabiya/Al-Hadath sources had confirmed earlier on Thursday that attempts to rescue the child rayan had been going on for more than 50 hours.
Meanwhile, the Moroccan government expressed its concern about a tragedy due to the possibility of landslide. She called on citizens not to gather around the well to facilitate its rescue, noting that the nature of the soil complicates the rescue process.Save Rayan Live.

Helicopter waiting to be rescued

It is noteworthy that a medical helicopter is located in the village of “Tamurt”, in the north of the country, in order to transport the young child to the hospital as soon as he is rescued, along with a medical ambulance equipped with all resuscitation equipment, and a health team that includes a specialist doctor for resuscitation and anesthesia and nurses.
It is noteworthy that the five-year-old fell into the deep well in the Tamrout Group area in the northern Chefchaouen province, on Tuesday afternoon, which prompted his family to inform the relevant authorities, so that the search operations began.
Save Rayan Live
Save Rayan Live

rayan morocco live

Rayan Morocco Live Update

Saving Ryan has entered its most dangerous stage.. meters away from freedom.

More than 72 hours have passed since the child, Rayan Oram, who occupied all of Morocco and the Arab world, and the operation to rescue the little one is still going on, as 3 rescuers entered to get him out, while they are only 5 meters away from him.
Al-Arabiya/Al-Hadath correspondent stated that the final excavation process had begun, noting that concrete pipes had arrived at the excavation site, while the Moroccan rescue teams were conducting manual excavation calculations to reach the child’s site.
But partial collapses occurred at the site of the excavation operations to save Ryan, according to our correspondent.
He also added that the heavy presence of onlookers around the well may jeopardize rescue operations, pointing out that there is no timetable for removing the child from the well, and rescue teams put his safety as a priority.
The rescue operation entered its most dangerous stage, this Friday evening, according to what the head of the rescue teams on the ground in the Agran region near the city of Chefchaouen in northern Morocco confirmed.

final stage

He also stressed that the rescue operations had entered a very sensitive and final stage. He explained that the search team has several fears of landslides that may hinder the rescue operation.
For its part, the Red Crescent reiterated that it has continued to provide oxygen continuously to the little boy stuck in the dry well since Tuesday evening.
In turn, Al-Arabiya correspondent explained earlier, that 3 metal tubes were placed in order to extend a horizontal tunnel to reach the small one.
He said that the Civil Protection will open a horizontal hole in the hole parallel to the site of the child Rayan, indicating that a manual digging process will begin to open the hole.
He also added that the authorities are seeking to speed up the excavation process for fear of rain.
He explained that the authorities will cover the well in which the child Ryan is located with thick metal tubes, pointing out that there is concern about soil erosion if rain falls on the site.
He stressed that the direction is to put a vertical metal tube to protect the child and a horizontal metal tube to remove the child, and to form the letter L with two lines, two thick metal tubes.Save Rayan Live.
He also indicated that one large bulldozer continues to operate, while 5 bulldozers are currently parked.

Soil erosion hazards

It is noteworthy that the efforts of the rescue teams to retrieve the youngster had earlier encountered a slight erosion of the soil, despite the participation of specialized field experts in it, according to what the Al-Arabiya correspondent explained.
Rescuers seek to penetrate this parallel tunnel to rescue the child stuck in the dry well, which is 32 meters deep.
It is noteworthy that the five-year-old fell accidentally on Tuesday night into this very narrow well, which is difficult to descend into.Save Rayan Live.

Boy trapped in well

“It’s hard to know his status, but we have great, great, great hope,” one rescuer said of the 5-year-old who has been stuck in a 100-foot well since Tuesday.
Rescuers working day and night were tunneling toward a 5-year-old boy on Saturday, his face distraught and bloodied, to rescue him from a 100-foot-deep well in a sleepy Moroccan village where he has been trapped for nearly four days.
A state-run television channel posted a short video of the operation on Saturday, showing rescue workers chipping away at rock and digging through, saying that they had about six feet left to go.
Standing at the site of the rescue operation on Saturday, Abdelhadi Temrani, one of the rescuers, addressed questions and growing concerns about the boy’s health.
“It’s hard to know his status, but we have great, great, great hope,” Mr. Temrani said, noting that the team was providing oxygen around the clock and monitoring him with a camera.
“There is an ambulance and helicopter waiting here to help at the right moment,” he said.

what happened to rayan ?

Morocco, February 3, 2022.. Rayan has fallen into a 35 meters deep hole, of only 25 centimeters in diameter, in which he is now trapped. The rescue operation entered its most dangerous stage, this Saurday february 25,2022.
what happened to rayan ?
what happened to rayan ? – save Rayan live – Rayan Morocco Live Stream

The case of Rayan Morocco Live now

Rescue efforts are still going on, and the 5-year-old child is still breathing, but he has head injuries, and a video of the youngster has spread earlier, lying on the ground with his head bleeding.
In parallel with the excavation operations, the authorities put a medical staff on standby to provide first aid as soon as Rayan was recovered, and an ambulance helicopter belonging to the Royal Gendarmerie was provided, equipped with all means of resuscitation and ambulances, to transport him when necessary to the specialized hospital .. in addition to a medical ambulance and a health team that includes a doctor A specialist in resuscitation and anesthesia, two nurses in resuscitation and anesthesia from the regional hospital, and three nurses from the city’s health center.Save Rayan Live

The operation to save the Moroccan child Ryan

After long and hard working hours, a large battalion of workers and engineers, and a huge number of equipment, the Moroccan child Rayan, who had made the hearts of millions around the world with him, was rescued, when he was stuck in a deep underground well, 35 meters long.
During the operation, the rescuers faced a large number of challenges, and the obstacles were the geology of the soil, which caused a landslide, and the weakness and fragility of the soil in the area.

The condition of the Moroccan child Rayan

The very good news is that baby Ryan is still alive. A medical team diagnosed the child “Ryan” inside the well . As soon as the child is taken out and released from the hole, the paramedic will transfer him to an equipped helicopter that was waiting, and he will probably be transferred to a hospital in the capital, Rabat, and we will provide you with details of the case as soon as an official statement is issued.Save Rayan Live.



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