SEO 2022 : The Comprehensive Guide To Leading Search Engine Results

SEO 2022 : The Comprehensive Guide To Leading Search Engine Results

SEO 2022

SEO is the best way to get free and targeted traffic and thus more profits. After reading this guide, you will be able to easily publish search engine results in 2022, despite the many updates that have occurred.

Whether you are one of the people who target the search engine Google or Bing, this comprehensive guide in the field of SEO will make you top the first results. This is the best article to know the last updates of SEO 2022.
What you will read today in the field of SEO, you may not have heard of it and may have heard about it, but you have not tried it, so everything you will see in this guide we have tried it in various fields and different languages, whether Arab or foreign sites, you will be able to lead the search engine Google as number #1 and Bing as number #2 Because every search engine has something that distinguishes it from the other, and also the methods that we will use to top the Google search engine are not the same as those that work in the Bing search engine..
In this SEO guide, we will focus primarily on the Google search engine, because it still has the largest share of searches in the world, especially in the Arab world!
Also, if you are a beginner and do not know anything in the field of SEO, you will be able to professionalize this field once you read this guide to the end and apply everything mentioned in it.

What is seo?

SEO means creating websites for Search Engine Optimization, or optimizing website pages according to the requirements of search engines in order to appear among the first results in the results of search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. This depends on the factors that your site must have in order to rank well in search engines.

Google did not fully disclose these factors, but by applying what we will explain to you today, you can reach the first ranks in the search engine results.

Now let’s reveal and learn the secrets of SEO 2022 :

1- Artificial intelligence and user experience.

In 2017, Google reported that artificial intelligence, or what it calls “RankBrain,” had become its third most important ranking factor. Not only that, with the beginning of 2022, the site marketer team noticed that “RankBrain” had become one of the factors responsible for ranking website pages in the Google search engine.
RankBrain- seo 2022
RankBrain- seo 2022
What exactly is “RankBrain” and how do I improve my site to rank in the Google search engine?
It is an automated system that helps Google sort its search results. This system is based on several factors, the most important of which are: Dwell Time and CTR.
The task of this platform is to analyze and measure how users interact with search results… and arrange web pages according to the user’s interaction with search results…
Let me give a working example for you to understand “RankBrain” fully and in detail.

seo 2022

Let’s say that the customer searched for the word “do tagged streamers get paid” and ignored the result #1 and clicked on the result #3, and the best part of this is that he stayed on the site for more than 5 minutes…
Here’s what happens: “RankBrain” will signal to Google that result #3 is the best result for the word ” do tagged streamers get paid”. After a week at most, it will be ranked #3 as number one in the Google search engine.
Therefore, if you are a person interested in the field of SEO 2022, you should focus more and more on “RankBrain”.
But do not worry, “RankBrain” is not a complicated thing, it depends on only two things “how long the visitor stays on your page and CTR”.
After many experiments that I did in 2017 and early 2018, I was able to find the solution to make the customer stay on my site for the longest time!
The method is very easy if your article not long enough.
“Go to YouTube, search for the best video related to the topic of your article, for example, you are talking about “SEO 2022 and what are the best ways to get backlinks”, search on YouTube for the best sources to get a high-quality backlink and add the video to your article (On condition that the video should be very valuable and useful in order to ensure that the visitor remains on your page).”
Great, we’ve now made sure that the customer stays on your page for a long time. But in the beginning, how do I make him click on my page in the Google search engine?
You should know that all that the customer sees in the search engine is the “title and description,” so try to make them distinct in order to ensure that the customer will click on your page and thus raise your “CTR”…
If you are a WordPress user, I advise you to add the “Yoast Seo” or “rank math” application because it will enable you to modify the title and description on your site well.
In the event that you do not have experience in the field of “CopyWriting”, I advise you to use the “Share through” website. This site rates your article title /100, so the more than 60% of your title is evaluated, the better.
Perhaps you have not yet understood the importance of raising the “CTR” in improving your ranking in the Google search engine. If you watch this video!

Therefore, dear reader, pay attention to what I mentioned because it is the basis of SEO 2022.

2- Backlinks

In the world of SEO, the end is only the beginning. Once you have finished writing the article, you must start creating strong backlinks as well as getting “Social-Signals” any posts, whether on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit…
Since 2012, all the criteria of Google and Bing in the ranking of search results have changed, but backlinks have remained an important factor, especially in the search engine “Bing”. After many experiments, I noticed that the search engine Bing does not care much about the quality of the backlink compared to Google! Ping cares more about the number than the quality, but this does not mean that you will spam your backlinks, otherwise your site will be punished.

1- What is backlink?

In the beginning, you should know that the backlink (or external links) is a group of links that point to your site and are on other sites, to turn the visitor of that site to your blog or site!
traffic lights, links, backlinks-6271937.jpg
seo 2022
Good..  So if the number of links is more and stronger, the more it will add strength to your site in global search engines such as bing and yahoo and the most important of them is google google.. it makes a difference between sites and is considered one of the most important criteria for climbing search results and reaching the top where the first results.
An important point before starting: If it is a new site that you have not seen for two months, I do not advise you to build backlinks quickly, otherwise your site will become a source of doubts and this is not good for you. Therefore, the best solution I have found if your site has not been on it for two months yet is to rely on “Social-Signals” first. After that, build your backlink to two per day maximum, in this period play on quality more than number because this period is what will determine the fate of your site.seo 2022

2- Build your backlink through social media and get “Social Signals”

The best way to get started is through social media “Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest….”, in this way, you guarantee obtaining a high-quality backlink, as well as getting traffic and “Social-Signals”, which have become an important factor in search engines.
The best sites to get high-quality backlinks and traffic at the same time:
1-YouTube: If you can create video content, YouTube will be the best platform for you to send signals to search engines as well as send very targeted and high-quality traffic, and most importantly, you will get a very valuable backlink.

2-Twitter: Twitter is the social network that has the highest impact on site results in search engines, specifically in seasonal searches that are linked to a specific time, such as searches for live broadcasts, breaking news, series, talk shows, and so on. And most importantly, the more your tweets are shared, the higher the quality of the backlink you will get… You can buy posts. The important thing is that the account that will “Retweete” is somewhat old so that search engines do not suspect you.

3-Pinterest: What do you think of getting a high-quality backlink and getting the search results out on Google Images? Two birds with one stone… If you are interested, I advise you to share your photos on “Pinterest”. What distinguishes Pinterest from competing sites in the same field, such as Instagram or Flickr, is that it is internally optimized for search engine bots, which makes it visible in search results at a greater rate than other sites that are considered Closed Communities or closed communities in which the Bots do not move freely.

4-Medium: In fact, this site is not only for obtaining a backlink. You can also take advantage of the authority of the “Medium” site and issue search results in very difficult words such as “iPhone X Review” without owning a site. This site enables you to write articles on it and bring backlinks to it … Therefore, I advise you to first write a high-quality article on your site containing more than 1000 words, get traffic and “Social-Signals” from YouTube and Twitter … Archive it in search engines. Then go to the “Medium” website, copy the important points in your article, and make an “anchor-text” for the word you want to compete in for your site.
Now get backlinks, no matter what type… for your article in “Medium” that contains your site’s backlinks, archive your article in search engines so that the backlinks that your site will take are archived, Wait two days and archive your site.
Let’s say, for example, that I want to make this page top search engines in the word “SEO 2022″…
I will write an article that does not exceed 800 words in “Medium” and make an “Anchor Text” for my article in the following form for the word I want to compete in which is “SEO”.
SEO 2022: The Complete Guide to Getting Leading Search Engine Results .
This method is tested and guaranteed, and most importantly, you will not be penalized, but provided that your article in “Medium” is not the same as on your site.
5-Tumblr: Same principle as for Meduim.

6-Pocket: Same principle for Pinterest.

7-Reddit: This platform is considered one of the best platforms for obtaining imaginary traffic and high-quality backlinks… the more “Upvotes” are made for your site, the higher the quality of the backlink you will get. … As I mentioned, the secret to getting “Upvotes” and visits to your site is to play on the feelings when you use titles.
You can also create an Instagram account and “Digg”…. In fact, there are endless ways to get a high-quality backlink for your site, so I will not be able to cover all the points in this article that talks about SEO 2022 in general, perhaps we will learn about all the methods in a comprehensive guide for backlinks only.
You should also know that in order to achieve good results in the field of SEO 2022, you will need SEO 2022 tools that will help you a lot to lead the search results. The problem is that these tools are very expensive and may exceed $497 per month, so I advise you to read this guide in which I participated in the best free SEO tools that Every marketer should use it!
If you are very interested in ways to obtain high-quality backlinks in order to rank among the search engines, I advise you to read this guide, as it covered all the points except “Web 2.0”, but this article remains the best guide for Seo 2022 and obtaining the backlink: “The largest Arab guide for the backlink” Linux in 2022.

3- Paying attention to the internal SEO of the site

It is true that we mentioned the backlinks before the internal SEO, because of their importance, but without internal SEO, even if you have the best backlinks, you will not be able to publish the results of search engines. follows:

First: pay attention to the speed of the mold

The speed of the template for your site greatly affects the ranking of search results, and perhaps someone is asking now, what is the relationship of template speed with search results? The answer here is very simple, which is that you consider yourself as a visitor to a site and you find it very slow in loading and opening pages and images. Will you still be on this site?
You will certainly get out of it. The simplest example of this is your reading of this article. It means that you continue to read until now. This means that the site is fast, otherwise you will not finish reading, and of course the fact that the site is slow, this increases the bounce rate of your site and thus will negatively affect the search results.

Second: Add an attractive name and description to the blog

The name of the blog and its description are also important matters that fall under the topic of improving the internal SEO of the site. You can put a description and title for the blog by going to the settings, from which you choose the basic and so you write the title and description. If you use WordPress, you can use Yoast Seo or Rank Math.
Also, write a description for each post separately because this is very important in leading the search results.
Session Duration is intended to make the visitor stay on your site as long as possible, whether on the same page or on other pages. Also, try to write in a way that attracts the reader, in addition to adding pictures to explain what you are presenting to the reader, and finally, you put in your articles links to other articles on your site that are related to the topic.seo 2022

Fourth: Pay attention to improving the bounce rate

Bounce rate is one of the things that negatively affects any site and even prevents it from appearing in search results because search engine spiders determine the credibility of your site based on the bounce rate.
What is the bounce rate? What is meant by the bounce rate is the amount of time the visitor spent on your site. Let us assume that the visitor entered the site and viewed one page and then exited quickly. This means that the bounce rate is 100% and this is a very bad thing because the lower the bounce rate, the better for the site.Seo 2022.

Tips to reduce bounce rate:

– improve writing style
– Constantly update your content
Target tags correctly
– Attention to site coordination and design
-Speed up page load time
-Make the site compatible with phones
-Create waiting pages
– Credibility between you and your visitors
– The site is compatible with various browsers
– Insert similar topics to your posts
– Answer all questions that the visitor may ask in the article.

Fifth: Pay attention to the site’s images

It is not possible to underestimate the Google image search engine, through it many visitors come to your site, so always make sure to make your images on the site good, respectable and of high quality, in addition to including the keyword in these images and reducing the size of the images in line with the site and to contribute to increasing the speed of your site your.

Sixth: Add your site to the google search console

search console

Webmaster Tools helps analyze your site, evaluate site performance, and maintain its visibility in search results. One of the most important advantages offered by Webmaster Tools is to help find problems with your site and start solving them, and this is very important because perhaps one of the existing problems is hindering the appearance of your site. in search results.

4- Become a niche specialist

After the last update of Google in 2016, “Hummingbird” has left disastrous results for famous sites such as “Youm7, Hespress…” as well as foreign sites like Veral Nova and other sites that talk about everything.
This update has reduced the number of traffic these sites get from search engines.
The purpose of this update is to show the best result for the researcher, and after many analyzes carried out by Google, I discovered that the best results are always at specialized sites, so if you have a site specialized in one field, you will notice that the traffic coming from Google is increasing day by day.
Provided that your article is professional with some of backlinks.
For example, I will specialize in the field of “Health”.
This is wrong, as the field of health is more than a niche, but if I say I will specialize in the field of “healthy foods” you should not talk about sports and other things, but only talk about foods. This is what is called a niche.
There is also a “Micro Niche” which is the best, if we say that foods Health is a niche. “Healthy herbs” is Micro Niche. The more professional you are, the better.

5- Give your best

After the recent updates to Google and Bing, it is no longer like 2012, create an article with the keyword in the title and after the words in the article and it’s over, congratulations, you have released the #1 result in Google.
 SEO 2022 has become somewhat complicated. The reason is not the number of articles on your site, but the quality of the articles on your site.
The purpose of the article’s quality is for the customer to stay as long as possible on your site, as well as not to go back and choose another result because this will affect you and your results in search engines.

Well, how do I write a great and comprehensive article?

1- Search for your competitors in the search engines for the word you chose…
2- Read their articles.
3- Fill in the blanks in Article #1 with the information you found in Article #2 and #3.
4- Log in to the forums, and read what your audience is searching for.
5- Gather information, add it to your article.
In the event that you have not created an article yet and want to do a search for keywords “Keywrod Research”, I recommend these sites:

6- SEO for phones and website speed

Imagine with me that you are getting free and targeted traffic for your Shopify or WooCommerce store, but as soon as the potential customer enters, he waits 10 seconds for the download. Be sure that the client will close the page before the end of the download time, and therefore no one will recognize you.
Therefore, the speed of your site is a necessity and even one of the main Google factors. So if you are interested in SEO 2022, pay attention to the speed of your site.
You can check your site speed from us here: PageSpeed Insights.
PageSpeed Insights
PageSpeed Insights- seo 2020
Yes, the reason is the revolution that the world has known. Telephones have become in every place and time, and within the year 2025 the number will double more and more.
A while ago, Google was showing search results according to the device the researcher used, so if he was using a computer, the results would be different from the results he would see if he was using a phone.
Now the matter has changed… If you can export search results for mobile users, you will be able to automatically export search results for computer users thanks to the “Mobile-First Index”.
So even if your site is not fast for computer users, it will still top search results if it is optimized for phones.
Well, how do I know if my site is mobile compatible for better SEo 2022?
The method is very easy. Go to: “Google’s Mobile-Friendly test” and add your site.
The third reason that will make you focus on the Google search engine is that all phones are Android and they use the Google search engine as the #1 option. Google has also partnered with Apple in exchange for Google becoming the #1 engine that appears for iPhone users, specifically Safari browser.
As a conclusion, Google has captured the mobile market by 95%.
If you want to export the search results on the mobile, all the content must appear in the mobile version, as well as the speed of the page has become important in the SEO of phones.

7- Result No. 0 Featured Snippet

Featured Snippet, or what we call result number 0, has become the dream of all marketers in the world. You should know that the percentage of “CTR” in result number 0 can reach 65% in some cases, and this means that the traffic is very enormous.
According to a study conducted by Semsursh, a company specialized in SEO 2022, more than 11.3% of the search results became available on the “Featured Snippet”.

So what is a “Featured Snippet” and how can I appear in it?

SEO 2022
SEO 2022
In summary, it is the result number #0 that Google added in the search engines, also the result number #0 you get a huge amount of clicks compared to the result number 1. In order to appear in the “Featured Snippet” you need some conditions: First to raise your luck percentage in order to appear in the result Number 0, you must first appear on the first page of Google, i.e. between result number 1 and number 10.
More than 99.58% of “Featured Snippet” are on the first page of search results.
After that, put your bait so that Google meets it, in summary, you should know that “Featured Snippet” is often an answer to a question.
According to another study conducted by “Semsursh”, I found that the best thing you can do is ask the question in which you want the result number #0 to be issued, with a direct answer to it that is limited to between 40 and 60 words.
In fact, the company “HubSpot” has used “bait” in a very advanced way, as it helps Google in an indescribable way.


seo 2022

As a result of HubSpot’s creativity in creating the “Feature Snippet” bait, here is the result:

Seo 2022

In summary, in order to make sure that you appear in the result number #0, you must first make sure that you appear in the first ten results, then ask the keyword you want to target in the form of a question in “H3” format, then ask an answer directly below it that does not exceed 60 words.

8- Voice Search

All we have done until now is not only to lead the search results, but even to lead the voice search results.
How is that? In summary, if you are not in rank 0 or rank 1, your percentage of appearance in the audio search results is zero.
The first three results in the Google search engine are the ones that have the most luck in appearing in the “Voice Search” results.
Do not forget the result #0 that Google added recently, only research conducted by the “Backlinko” website, which specializes in SEO. They noticed that 40% of the audio results come from results number #0.
From this, we conclude that if the result topped #0, then you would simply be at the top of the “Voice Search” results.
Therefore, focus on adding many questions in your article with a short answer to them, as this will increase your luck in order to appear in result #0 and “Voice Search”.

Summary – SEO 2022

In the future, SEO 2022 will focus on three things:
1- Artificial Intelligence – RankBrain.
2- seo phones.
3- Voice results – “Voice Search”.


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