Austrian “Starmania 22 Finale” All Details And The Winner

Starmania 22 Finale

The winner of this year’s “Starmania 22 Finale” season has been decided: 22-year-old karaoke DJ Stefan Eigner has been voted “Star of the Year” by the audience.

With his self-written song “Es End is no fern” he was able to prevail in the final against Judith Lisa Bogusch.

Austria – In the final he was able to beat Judith Lisa Bogusch, who performed the exact opposite of Stefan’s song with “Zug zurück”, namely a soulful ballad. The song she wrote for her father also scored points with the jury. “Good is a far understatement,” said Mathea, who nevertheless saw a musical future for the Tyrolean, Josh. came out as a “fan from the start”.
Starmania 22 Finale
Starmania 22 Finale

No luck for Sebastian

The audience not only chose Stefan as the winner of this year’s season, before that they were asked to decide which two “Starmaniacs” were allowed to advance to the very last round: Sebastian did not make the top three. But he was still allowed to perform his self-written song “write a liad”. His number was a successful introduction to the last big show moments of this year’s season.

Three new songs made the beginning

Right at the beginning of Starmania 22 Finale, the three “Starmaniacs” sang a newly rehearsed solo song – Sebastian opened the show energetically with “Honey, I’m Good”. Of course, the jury also took a close look at the last show – and above all found a lot of praise. In the last show, the overall package counted once again, as Mathea said after Sebastian’s performance: “You had the audience in your hands, and that’s important”.
Judith Lisa was also able to score with the jury with the Dua Lipa number “Don’t Start Now”: “Today you banged it out,” said Josh. then – the Tyrolean showed “that you can do anything”. Stefan closed the first round with “Jealous” by Nick Jonas – and as in the last few rounds, the jury was relatively unanimous when it came to the talent of the karaoke DJ: Josh summarized the performance as “awesome”, Mathea described the singing as “crazy”.Starmania 22 Finale.

Second appearance for season highlights

The second round, a “Starmania 22 Finale” fixture, was dedicated to the season highlights. Once again, the finalists were allowed to perform their favorite song from the previous shows – and thus perhaps choose the song that best showcases their own talents.
Starmania 22 Finale
Starmania 22 Finale
All three finalists succeeded: Sebastian took off the jury’s shoes for the second time with his Roger Cicero number – and even got Mathea to use the dictum “Attitude” again this season: “I’ll buy you every one Word off.”
Judith Lisa scored again with the Herbert Grönemeyer song “Der Weg”, including fire on stage: For Josh. “pretty beautiful”, Lili couldn’t find the words, the audience celebrated with standing ovations. Stefan also gave goosebumps, singing the song from his first appearance again: “Writing’s on the Wall” was definitely one of the greatest moments of the last evening of the show. josh saw a performance at “Conchita Wurst level”, Mathea a “perfect performance” from a “guy you don’t forget”.

See you again on the “Starmania” tour

There will be a reunion soon – not only with Stefan: Because the finalists will go on tour together in summer 2022. In addition to the winner, Judith Lisa and Sebastian, Daniel Fink, Martin Furtlehner, Emil Kafka, Dora Leonardi, Lukas Meusburger, Marco Spiegl and Valentina Thoms will also be on stage again. The best songs from the shows, duets and group songs will be performed on three dates – more on


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