Stop Slavery In Qatar In 2020 , #qatar_workers_lives_matter

Stop Slavery In Qatar

Stop Slavery In Qatar In 2020


Stop Slavery In Qatar, at a time when the world is rising up against racism and slavery, Qatar continues to enslave workers in ugly ways, that are less than what they describe as a true tragedy, and a disgrace to humanity in the twenty-first century.

More than a million and a half foreign workers in Qatar, suffer from slavery every day.

The workers of the 2022 World Cup stadiums, are subjected to the worst forms of racism , and humiliation on a daily basis, Where the authorities collect their passports and ID cards upon arrival to work, It forces them to work day and night for long months without pay, and they are threatened all the time with imprisonment, and they reside in non-human areas, and do not receive treatment or appropriate food.

Amnesty International and many human rights organizations around the world, have monitored the calls of hundreds of thousands of workers.

Workers from East Asia, Africa and other countries are treated harshly, are denied treatment and salaries, and those who talk about conditions are arrested.

What kind of world cup are they talking about and what stadiums? It is a shame for humanity to play on stadiums that were watered with the blood of slaves.

Shame on humanity for continuing to keep silent on this brutal crime.

The lives of the workers are important, and that is why we are launching from here an appeal to the world that it may wake up and move.



Participate to communicate our voices to officials to stop this injustice.

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Workers In Qatar

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