Suzhou Hanging Gardens Are A World Heritage Masterpiece

Suzhou Hanging Gardens

Suzhou Hanging Gardens

Some may be surprised that a garden or gardens are on the UNESCO World Heritage List, but Suzhou Hanging Gardens are well-deserved, and it was added to this list in 1997 to be one of the 9 gardens in China on this list.

The park is located outside the China Soju Gate in Jiangsu Province at 338 Liu Yuanjin Road, Chang District. It is one of the Chinese classic gardens and the most wonderful at all, and extends over an area of 23 thousand square meters, and its construction began in 1593 and an artificial mountain was built in it similar to Mount Tiantai, and the edges of the mountain were cultivated in a wonderful gradient shape.
The Classical Gardens of Suzhou are a group of gardens in Suzhou region, Jiangsu province, China, which have been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Suzhou Hanging Gardens
Suzhou Hanging Gardens
Spanning a period of almost one thousand years, from the Northern Song to the late Qing dynasties (11th-19th century), these gardens, most of them built by scholars, standardized many of the key features of classical Chinese garden design with constructed landscapes mimicking natural scenery of rocks, hills and rivers with strategically located pavilions and pagodas.
In 1798, pine trees and bamboo groves were added, in addition to some stone statues, until it was called the Stone Forest.
It was damaged during some war and then it was repaired in 1873 and renamed Li Yuan Garden.
Then it was exposed to a state of chaos in World War II, to be reopened to the public in 1954 and become one of the UNESCO World Heritage Gardens.
The park is divided into 4 eastern, western, northern and central sections. The central garden is the largest and includes many buildings surrounding a water lake in addition to the miniature mountain.
The park hosts many concerts and music festivals, and it is a great opportunity to relax in the picturesque nature with historical monuments.

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