The Israeli “Tehran Series” Wins The Emmy Award 2021

"Tehran Series" Wins The Emmy Award 2021

Tehran Series

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett congratulated the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation on winning the “Tehran series” for the International Emmy Award for Best Drama Series.

"Tehran Series" Wins The Emmy Award 2021

On his Twitter account, Naftali Bennett said: “Congratulations to the Israel Broadcasting Corporation for winning the series “Tehran” at the International Emmy Award… It is a great honor for Israeli cultural creativity.”

For his part, the Israeli Minister of Culture, Heli Troper, explained that “the crew of producers and actors of the series “Tehran” has proven that the level of cultural work in Israel is very high.
It should be noted that this is the first time that an Israeli series has received this award, and the first time that a series produced by the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation has been included in the Emmy Awards list.
The Israeli TV series “Tehran” is inspired by the tension and the state of rampant hostility between Israel and Iran, presenting to the audience the story of an Israeli intelligence agent who goes to Iran to penetrate a nuclear reactor.
The Israeli series is shown on the Apple TV+ platform.

Tehran Series Trailer


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