Tenga Workout Gear , The Joy Of Masturbation Keeps You Training Wow 2020

Tenga Workout Gear

Tenga Workout Gear , The Joy Of Masturbation

A wise male reader should immediately recognize that this is TENGA. However, the problem is a TENGA-like object sitting on the left side. Insist on a metallic feeling even with this, and the lid area is BIG SIZE obviously more than ordinary TENGA. It looks like a souvenir or ornament.

Let’s reveal the identity. This is “TENGA WORKOUT GEAR“, a well-trained item. Workout with this look? Are you foolish? Some people may think so. However, this was made very seriously. I would like to verify why such an item appeared and how to actually use it.
Tenga Workout Gear
Tenga Workout Gear

What is the background of the appearance of the TENGA dumbbell?

《TENGA WORKOUT GEAR》 has dimensions of body width 97mm, depth 93mm, height 173mm. The material is made of stainless steel, and it has a <<TENGA>> type space inside, and just by attaching <<TENGA>> to it, the usual masturbation quickly changes to muscle training. The body weight is 4 kg. In terms of weight, it is comparable to dumbbells.
Tenga Workout Gear
Tenga Workout Gear
So how did TENGA WORKOUT GEAR come about? The TENGA developer said:

“It goes without saying that continuous training is important for maintaining good health. However, the reality is that training is difficult and there are many people who do not continue. How can I continue without giving up?

Then, we came up with “candy and whip.” Many people can continue training if they have the pleasure of masturbation, a candy that can withstand the pain. I thought that TENGA could provide that candy.

Fusion of daily masturbation and muscle training. “TENGA WORKOUT GEAR” is a completely new training item that humanity will experience for the first time.”

Tenga Workout Gear

In fact, the TENGA staff put the TENGA on the TENGA WORKOUT GEAR and tried out the usability. When you hear that impression…?
“I was able to experience the candy and whip condition. I had a 《TENGA WORKOUT GEAR》, so my arm was rather tight, but I wanted to enjoy the TENGA’s comfort and I had another round trip. I was completely absorbed in another round-trip… I had noticed that it had been a long time… And after that, my biceps were cramped.”
The masturbation becomes a good muscle training. If so, there is no reason not to try it as “Tarzan”. However, the weight is 4 kg. If you do not handle it carefully, you may get injured in various ways. Therefore, we asked J, a reliable personal trainer, to give a lecture on the “correct” usage of “TENGA WORKOUT GEAR”.



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