“Kids, You Should Be Afraid” Texas Massacre Executor Terrifying Posts

"Kids, You Should Be Afraid" Texas Massacre Executor Terrifying Posts

The Texas massacre executor texted a girl before he committed the crime, telling her, “I have a little secret to tell you… I’m about to do it.”

With the shock of the shock that swept America following the massacre in an elementary school in Texas, which killed 19 children and two teachers, the security authorities have focused on conducting analyzes of Texas Massacre Executor social sites and his latest publications, in order to guide them to the truth of his motives.
Texas Massacre Executor Terrifying Posts
Texas Massacre Executor Terrifying Posts
Texas Massacre Executor Terrifying Posts
Texas Massacre Executor Terrifying Posts
Texas Massacre Executor Terrifying Posts
Texas Massacre Executor Terrifying Posts
Texas Massacre Executor Terrifying Posts
Texas Massacre Executor Terrifying Posts
Hours before the massacre, Texas massacre executor “Salvador Ramos” posted frightening posts on his Instagram account.
It also turned out that he was texting a girl he did not know on Instagram before committing the crime, telling her: “I have a little secret I have to tell you… I’m about to do it.”
Pictures on his Instagram account indicate a conversation between him and the unknown girl, indicating that he asked her to prepare to answer “at eleven”, that is, shortly before the accident began.
The Instagram account was deleted shortly after the Texas government announced the identity of the killer, but his photos received many comments attacking his shooting. Among those photos is a picture of the gun store.
The Tik Tok account that also appears to be affiliated with the shooter has also been deleted. A video of the game was posted on the Instagram account, with the comment, “Children, you should be afraid.” His last message was at 9:16 am on Tuesday morning. The shooting began around 11:32 am.
Then the girl was terrified when she found out what he had done. She was quick to comment: “He is a stranger whom I don’t know anything about. He decided to share the photos he published with me. I am very sorry for the victims and their families and I don’t really know what to say.”
Then she added, “The only reason I wrote to him was because I was afraid of him, and I wish I had known what he was going to do, at least I would have tried to convince him not to commit his crime… I didn’t know.” When an Instagram user asked her if she was his girlfriend, she replied, “I don’t know him and I don’t live in Texas.”
A former classmate of Salvador Ramos, a student killer in Texas, said the shooter sent him pictures of a firearm and a bag full of ammunition days before the attack.
The friend, who did not want to be named, said he was somewhat “close” to Ramos, and the latter would sometimes ask him to visit him to play Xbox together. “He would text me every now and then, and four days ago he sent me a picture of a backpack with 5.56 rings full of gunshots.”
He added, “When I asked him why she had this weapon, he replied, “Don’t worry. I’ve changed. When you see me, you won’t know me.” The friend said that Ramos was mocked by others because of the clothes he was wearing and his family’s financial situation, and in the end he was not seen in class.
The friend said, “He does not want to go to school.. He has left school.. He has hardly come to school.” He continued that after his graduation, he did not communicate with Ramos, but said that Ramos would text him every few months or ask him to turn on the Xbox.
In the details of the incident, a gunman killed at least 19 students and two adults after he stormed an elementary school in southern Texas on Tuesday, in the latest mass killing in the United States and the deadliest shooting in its schools in nearly a decade.
The 18-year-old suspect, who was apparently killed by police, also shot his grandmother before fleeing the scene, crashing his car and setting off the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Yuvaldi, about 130 km west of San Antonio, Texas.


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