The 16 Amazing Secrets For Attractive Nails For Girls

The 16 Amazing Secrets Of Attractive Nails Near Me

Attractive Nails need to be cared for, just like hair, and skin, in order to be beautiful and healthy

The belief that nail polish is only what makes it attractive is a completely wrong belief, the attractiveness of nails results from several factors, so we offer you some tips that make you have distinctive, natural nails.
The 16 Amazing Secrets Of Attractive Nails Near Me
Attractive Nails

1- Maintaining the dryness and cleanliness of the nails

Wet and wet nails can become infected with fungi, so the nails must be dried, in addition to keeping them clean, so that dirt does not accumulate in their gaps, and wash hands regularly before eating food, and directly when hands are dirty, and dry them well after that, 3] It is preferable to use a nail brush to clean it and get rid of dirt. Secrets Of Attractive Nails.

2-Break a period of nail polish

The nails should be given a break from nail polish every now and then. Because it causes fatigue, dryness, stains, and weakness, choosing high-quality nail polish, free of sulfonamide, formaldehyde, and coloring.


Nails need moisturizer just like skin, so moisturizer should be applied to them. Because it nourishes, prevents fungi, and spares it from drying out and cracking.

4-Eating biotin

It is recommended to follow a diet rich in vitamin B or what is known (biotin), and a doctor can be consulted about taking biotin, which is a vitamin B as a nutritional supplement, and it is one of the best solutions for weak and brittle nails, as it can restore health to nails within eight months.Secrets Of Attractive Nails near me.

5-Stop biting nails

Nails biting is a habit that some do when feeling stressed, bored, or frustrated, and this habit must be stopped, because it causes ulceration and peeling of the skin surrounding the nail, which causes diseases. Secrets Of Attractive Nails near me.

6-Not to cut the skin around the nail

The skin around the nail and its function is to protect the body from infection, and it should not be cut, and only to push it down, using an orange stick, and massage it with moisturizer to maintain its strength.

7-Wearing gloves

Nails are affected by substances that affect the hands, including water, so it is recommended to wear gloves when doing something. To keep nails strong and healthy.

8-Not to delay in treating the infection.

An infection in the nails, especially the toenails, can be caused by moisture and sweating, so it is recommended to treat the infection immediately when you notice a change in the color of the nail, its dryness, or its weakness.

9-Do not use a UV dryer

You should stop using this type of dryer. Because it causes thinning, drying of the nails, and replacing it with LED lights.

10-Good nutrition

Nails need protein, vitamins; To maintain its strength and health, including: vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, biotin, vitamin B12, vitamin B9. , calcium, and iron, and some nutritious foods can be eaten to obtain these elements, such as fresh vegetables, nuts, And whole grains.Secrets Of Attractive Nails near me.

11-Drinking water

Drinking water maintains body moisture, and just as water is important for hair, skin, and the body, it is important for nails, so it is recommended to drink water in batches throughout the day, and in an adequate quantity.

12-Nail trimming

it is advisable to trim the nails without over shortening them; Because this hurts the skin underneath, and is not too long, to hinder daily tasks.

13-Filing the nails

It is advised to switch the rough side of the file to the smooth side when approaching the end, in addition to filing the nail in one direction, without moving it with a back and forth movement, and it is recommended to start from the outer to the inner side, which gives the nails a shiny, smooth appearance.Secrets Of Attractive Nails near me.

14-Choosing the right nail polish remover.

Nail remover that contains acetone, causes long-term dryness of the nails, which leads to their breakage, so it is recommended to choose removers that contain less strong substances than acetone, such as isopropyl alcohol, ethyl acetate, and propylene carbonate.
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15-Protective layer

It is advisable to use clear varnish or base coat before applying nail polish. To protect them from the toxic substances it contains, which cause nail brittleness.
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16-Not using nails to perform certain tasks

Nails are not a tool that can be used for scraping or pulling; Because that weakens them, and leads to damage to their fibers.The 16 Amazing Secrets Of Attractive Nails Near Me .
The 16 Amazing Secrets Of Attractive Nails Near Me
Attractive Nails
The 16 Amazing Secrets Of Attractive Nails Near Me
Secrets Of Attractive Nails


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