The Afghan National Team Player Dies After Clinging To An Evacuation Plane

The Afghan National Team Player Dies

The Afghan National Team Player Dies

Afghan and international news reports circulated the death of Afghan national team player, Zaki Anwari, after clinging to one of the evacuation planes that carried foreign nationals and Afghan citizens who left the country due to the Taliban’s control.

Afghanstan-Kabul – Zaki Anwari, Afghan national football team player, died after falling from an American plane at Kabul airport last Monday.
The General Directorate of Sports in Afghanistan announces the death of Zaki Anwari, 19, the Afghan national team player, after he fell from one of the planes that took off from Kabul Airport on Monday.

The Afghan National Team Player Dies

And last Monday, thousands of Afghans flocked to Kabul airport to leave the country, and pictures and videos were published on social media, documenting scenes of chaos on the runway, and some of them trying to hang on to the US military plane, while a picture later appeared of hundreds of people piling up on the floor of the giant plane.


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