The Best Moments Of The 2020 MTV VMAs

The Best Moments Of The 2020 MTV VMAs

The 2020 MTV VMAs

With the challenges of mandated quarantine and social distancing guidelines affecting cities coast-to-coast, all of this year’s performers, including Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande,

The Weeknd and Miley Cyrus, pre-recorded their performances. And while not all were taped in New York, most made a nod to the city that birthed the once-influential all-music channel back in August 1981. It was a valiant effort, with some artists pulling out all the production stops, and others falling flat.

The Glory of Lady Gaga

The Glory of Lady Gaga
The Glory of Lady Gaga , The Best Moments Of The 2020 MTV VMAs
Lady Gaga took home a whopping five awards at this year’s VMAs, including the first ever Tricon award, which honors stars who are true triple-threats.
But the glitter of her moon-person trophies paled in comparison to the dazzle of her many outfits and jaw-dropping masks. The imagery of an icon came together for an exhilarating medley performance of “Enigma,” “Chromatica II,” “911,” “Rain on Me” and “Stupid Love.” Bonus: more couture for each of her acceptance speeches! In a night that was heavy on the Gaga worship, we didn’t mind it one bit.

The Weeknd’s Words

The Weeknd opened this year’s awards with the dramatic flair we’ve come to expect from the visually forward singer. Taking on the bloodied character his hit song “Blinding Lights,” he shined with a shiner from atop the Edge at Hudson Yards — the highest observation deck in New York City.
As a helicopter circled 1,100-feet above ground, The Weeknd capped off the performance with a with digital fireworks display over the Hudson River. During the show, The Weeknd turned his two acceptance speeches — for video of the year and best R&B — into a statement for the times. “It’s really hard for me to celebrate right now and enjoy this moment, so I’m just going to say justice for Jacob Blake and justice for Breonna Taylor,” the Canadian artist said solemnly.

DaBaby’s Message

Rapper DaBaby summed up all the year 2020 in four minutes with his medley of “Peephole,” “Blind” and “Rockstar.” Accompanied by dance troupe Jabbawockeez, DaBaby referenced the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement in his performance, using both masks and a police car as props.
But the most powerful part was when the artist stood on top of a cop car while a member of the Jabbawockeez held up a sign that said, “Stop killing us,” in reference to nationwide protests sparked by police brutality. (Worth noting: the lyric in “Rockstar” alluding to the rapper having a Glock gun was edited out.) The car — and the green screened city behind him — were both set on fire at the end.

Miley Cyrus Brings ‘Wrecking Ball’ Full Circle

Miley Cyrus made her annual pilgrimage to the VMAs stage to perform her new single, “Midnight Sky,” and also brought a bit of nostalgia. Singing and slinking against bold-colored backgrounds, her performance fades to white and brings into view a disco ball.
A nod to her 2013 music video for “Wrecking Ball,” the prop served as a perennial reminder that while Cyrus continues to evolve, she doesn’t skirt her past.
Miley Cyrus Brings ‘Wrecking Ball’ Full Circle
Miley Cyrus Brings ‘Wrecking Ball’ Full Circle , The Best Moments Of The 2020 MTV VMAs

Maluma and CNCO

The best stage of the night was the drive-in which included a real-life stage and actual people in the audience. And although their performances were pre-recorded, Latin artists Maluma and CNCO — who performed “Hawai” and “Beso,” respectively — brought much-needed energy to the crowd of socially-distanced cars (from a thematically on-point sponsor, Toyota).


The Best Moments Of The 2020 MTV VMAs
The Best Moments Of The 2020 MTV VMAs


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